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Pacific Sunrise mothers cooking

Bringing love back to the Filipino table

The past few years have taught us a lot of things. With our lifestyles shifting, we formed new habits and rekindled our interest in others. One of the things that we fell in love with again is the art of making creations in the kitchen and the joy that only a meal shared by the whole family can bring.

Of course, when it comes to cooking magic and bringing the family together, mothers always find themselves in the heart of it all. Our “ilaw ng tahanans” have always considered making delicious food as a love language in our culture but the pandemic has shifted our priorities, and may have introduced new roles as they now have to deal with blended responsibilities—working and taking care of the family—while making sure that they keep their loved ones healthy.

Pacific Sunrise mothers

“Eating healthy has become so much more than just a lifestyle choice. It’s a necessity,” says Charina Ramos, Senior Marketing Head for Fats & Oils of Pacific Sunrise. “I think, more than ever—and especially with most of us now staying at home to cook for ourselves—we’ve all come to realize how important it is to take care of ourselves by tracing back what we do in our kitchens. For moms and other household managers, this has become such a huge responsibility.”

It is because of this that Pacific Sunrise, a brand of healthy cooking oil under the AgriPacific Corporation, decided to launch a series of campaigns that focuses on helping people create healthy breakfast creations for the whole family. Inviting numerous personalities that range from chefs, first time celebrity parents like JC Santos, and big internet personalities like Ninong Ry, the brand helped inspire kitchen managers rekindle their creativity in the kitchen by providing healthy and tasty recipe ideas that suit their busy lifestyles.

Pacific Sunrise
JC Santos


Pacific Sunrise
Ninong Ry

As our families retreated into our homes and had to learn to cope with so many new things all at once, moms still managed to find the silver lining in the stormy horizon; in this case, reviving our connections with the ones closest to us through tasty meals.

“Everything is made with love,” Charina Ramos shares. “When you take care of yourself and your health, it means you love yourself. When you cook for your family and friends, you’re sharing love with the people around you. Love helps you make connections, whether that’s over a bowl of tapa or a full breakfast spread. It keeps you grounded especially in such a confusing, worrying time like this.”

Of course, the taste factor cannot be ignored, too. While others have the misconception that healthy eating is not synonymous with tasty meals, it definitely can be as long as you use ‘prime’ ingredients. Especially in a culture that loves the ‘prito’ way of making their meals, Pacific Sunrise—which is made with palm olein—offers a healthy alternative because it is enriched with vitamins A and E, Omega 6 and 9, has 0 percent cholesterol and trans-fat, is non-gmo, and is even Halal Certified! The oil is also sustainably sourced and the refining process is purely mechanized so there are no chemicals used.

Pacific Sunrise

“We think it’s important that we become extra discerning when it comes to choosing what we cook with. Everyone can do magical things with food with the right amount of inspiration, but quality ingredients that can make your meals healthier while improving their taste make all the difference. For us, at least, we want to offer a good alternative to home cooks, especially moms who don’t have enough time to always spend hours at the kitchen, by putting out these recipes that are good for everyone’s well-being,” shares Charina Ramos.

Pacific Sunrise mothers cooking

Charina Ramos closes, “We really want to encourage that sense of magic and romance in the act of cooking and preparing something for your loved ones. What makes bonding better than having it over good food, right? Let’s admit it, all of us can make do with a little extra love and happy moments this year.”

Pacific Sunrise is available in 500 ml, 1-liter bottles, and 2-liter pouches for only Php52.50, Php97.50, and Php176.50, respectively. You can shop for this healthy oil at major supermarkets near you and in Lazada ( and Shopee ( For more information about the brand, follow it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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