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OCTOBER 27, 2022

When you hit the reset button to slow down, you will often get the refreshing experience you’ve needed. It seems to be the theme from local fashion labels and designers as they introduce us to their latest endeavors. 

Assemblage by Mich Dulce

Never doubt Mich Dulce to add another facet to her portfolio on top of her work in women’s economic empowerment and social enterprise. Finding herself back in The Philippines after being in London for her Chevening scholarship, the designer missed…well…designing. Hence, Assemblage. Introduced as a “new way to shop,” Assemblage features pieces that are a “…curated mix of our products, allowing us to remain consistently creative, revisit past pieces, utilize our resources, and manufacture in a most sustainable way.” 

Babydoll Harness from Assemblage. The model for Mich Dulce’s latest project is the designer’s 69-year-old mother.

Spot the Babydoll Harness and the Terno Harness for their first offering that can elevate any simple white shirt. Seasonless and sustainable, it allows for Mich Dulce pieces that update your wardrobe without a complete overhaul. You will also be able to get your hands on Dulce’s signature hats. 

Assemblage is available via

Apara Studio

A new local fashion line to bookmark is Apara Studio. Launched just this month, they believe in “…considerately designed apparel, influenced by today’s way of living.” 

The Scoop Dress by Apara Studio, photo by Koji Arboleda

You get versatile linen pieces made by a local, family-owned Philippine manufacturer for their first collection. I see the Scoop Dress and the Drawstring Pants as pieces to wear at home, at the beach, or for everyday errands. Comfort comes first but with an understated style. 

Apara Studio is available online


Gabbie Sarenas often teases me that her elaborate designs can be worn casually at the supermarket. I only greet her with amused laughs as I’ve worn my designer bib to the opera. Celebrities wear her creations on the red carpet, while different clients have chosen her work for their wedding garb. 

Binibini is the latest project of designer Gabbie Sarenas and features bamboo cotton.

Sarenas perhaps thought up Binibini to prove us all wrong. It’s “…clothing unrestrained and whose guiding principles are ease of movement and utmost individual expression.” You can sport the Blossom Salawal and the Easy Breezy Baro at the supermarket indeed, and more. 

Beloved and handmade, these casual pieces also represent a lifestyle that takes on a romanticized lens to our days. “Imagine basking in the glow of the summer sun, taking in the charm and possibilities of the world all at once,” says the press statement. 

In Binibini, we remember how the most mundane tasks can be a bit more special when you’re wearing something as thoughtfully made as Sarenas’ main line. 

Binibini is available online


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