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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Image: Instagram/@gretchenho

TV host and former volleyball player Gretchen Ho took up a short course, “The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports,” at the prestigious Harvard Business School and shared with her fans and followers what the journey was like.

Ho recalled how her studies went, via an Instagram post yesterday, Dec. 11, where she showed her class photos.

“The past days have been such a whirlwind. We studied 10 cases in 3 full days, with different accomplished, experienced minds pitching in — from the NBA, MLB, NFL, FIFA, Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, the fields of news, tech, music, gaming, streaming, A.R., A.I., sports marketing, talent management, advertising, financial investing, and more ++,” she said.

Ho said that the experience, to say the least, was enriching.

“It was great hearing from people who were actually there (or sometimes found themselves right in the middle of cases),” she added. “Even greater hearing everyone pitch in their points-of-view from different sides of the industry.”


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Ho did not have second thoughts about taking the course when she learned about it in 2019. The course, she pointed out, offers athletes like her perspectives on new avenues to explore, especially after leaving their athletic careers.

“It felt like an affirmation somehow of how athletes could transition to different worlds and be able to harness the power of their platforms to better their lives, their community and do a lot of good,” she explained.

While studying, Ho realized that the Philippines lags “behind in many areas, but I also am taking home with me a lot of ideas, and a better sense of where we are at [and] what else there is to be done.”

“More importantly, this course has helped me with my next decisions in life and to take ‘BIG BETS’ on it,” Ho said. JB


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