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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Rica Peralejo
Rica Peralejo with her kids. Image: Instagram/@ricaperalejo

Christian writer and vlogger Rica Peralejo always brings along her children whenever she goes out of the house – well, at least most of the time.

Peralejo explained why she does this in her Instagram post today, Dec. 13, where she shared a photo of her son while inside a plastic cart.

“I was the only [one] who got this item from Ikea haha!” she said about the photo.

Peralejo sticks to this practice even though she receives bashings for it. It doesn’t bother her a bit.

“I love being with my kids everywhere. Kahit mahirap (Even though it’s difficult). TBH I have been questioned and I have seen eyebrows raise at my decision to always tag them along with me and though at first it made me feel uneasy, I fought it through. I am sure I was judged,” she noted.

Peralejo knows that “attachment parenting does not sit well with everyone after all.”

“But my point is: MY LIFE, MY KIDS, let me. If I do not do my best given what I know, the regret will be mine and not yours,” she explained.

“So, if you have people who make you feel like you should [prioritize] something else over your kids and you believe otherwise — stop and take a look at the advice they are giving and match it with their life. Ask yourself if their life is the life you want to truly lead or this is just a popular culture or ideal in your community,” Peralejo added.

Rica Peralejo
Rica Peralejo with her kids. Image: Instagram/@ricaperalejo

She also advised that “if you don’t want what ‘everybody’ wants, then don’t do it.”

“Especially if you are a thinking parent, a researching parent, who isn’t just creating new ways to rebel or free yourself of inconvenience. Because while ways suggested to us might have wisdom in them, they also aren’t THE ONLY WAYS. Plus: NEW WAYS emerge as time moves forward,” she said.

With that, the actress believes that “sometimes we have to revise, add, tweak, or completely change some things in response to the progress of time.” She also stressed the Biblical implications of the things that parents learn.

“[I] am a mom who wishes to help other moms out there to trust the way you guys hear from God, as well. You can know for yourself. That is the job you must secure — knowing for yourself, for your family, instead of receiving things blindly, without even checking,” she said.

“Apply that in everything so you don’t end up blaming yourself for just ‘going along with what everybody says,’” Peralejo stressed. JB


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