Rica Peralejo’s Christian take ‘on it’s OK not to be OK’: Admit both, blessing and injustice

Actress-vlogger Rica Peralejo, it seems, has not yet overcome a trauma which still haunts her to this day.

Peralejo spoke up about how she has actually not yet fully achieved personal healing when it comes to certain trauma, as per her Instagram post today, Jan. 3.

“Last night was a slump. So many of you tell me they envy my healing and I understand why. I know it is because you think I have gotten out of it completely. Already,” she said. “Well, I am here to tell you I have not. I still continue to catch myself in my trauma responses.”

“Last night I was caving in all over again, thinking it is better to die than to live. I felt hopeless all over again, thinking that I am stuck in my state of trauma,” she added. “To be honest, I sometimes feel like I can die many many many years after and still, I wouldn’t have seen the light of day.”

Despite feeling down, Peralejo is quick to say that what she may be feeling might not necessarily be the truth nor how things must be. During times like this, she relies on grace to still feel love. She also spoke about the Bible verse Hebrews 11 from which she finds guidance when troubled.

“Also, how can I only count the bad and not the good? I have so much to be grateful for even when life is unfair many times, too,” she stated as she shared the verse. “I have to admit both. That there is both blessing and injustice in my life. So also my life is both broken and beautiful.” JB


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