You can now bet on a promising casino experience—online
Solaire casino online

You can now bet on a promising casino experience—online

Casinos have become one of the most popular places to see and be seen, and to be endlessly bewildered with the experience, live entertainment, and the adrenaline rush. So, whether you are there to be entertained, feast on good food, or of course, win big, you will leave the venue in high spirits.

Those visiting casinos for the first time are often awestruck by the hustle and bustle, jackpot rings of gaming machines, and the second-hand adrenaline rush felt in every corner of the gaming floor. But the game is different for seasoned players, who perceive the casino as not only the perfect environment for playing but also as a cool place to relax and connect with colleagues, friends, and business partners after a hard day’s work. 

With public health and safety remaining to be the country’s priority, social gathering control precautions also continue to be implemented in casinos. Solaire rose to the occasion and decided to bring the excitement of live gaming to you via Solaire Online, so you could play in the privacy and safety of your own homes. 

The virtual casino for all levels of play

Solaire casino experience

Casino gaming has reached a new level of fun and excitement with Solaire Online. Solaire Online is the brand’s proof of its optimism and steadfast commitment to give all its clients the exact same experience even during these circumstances. Equipped with a variety of games, you can continue to experience the excitement of unrestricted live casino gaming anywhere you are. These games are a matter of luck and chance, which may be intimidating for first timers. Some advice from a pro: start online for a less daunting casino experience. 

With Solaire Online, both new and long-time players will enjoy the same genuine casino experience, all from the safety of their homes. Take for instance, 25-year-old BJ Diaz who started playing online only last month and has never tried going to an actual casino. Out of curiosity, Diaz tried the online casino after observing a family member who has been a pre-pandemic casino regular. “I was surprised when I learned that there’s an online version of Solaire. During this pandemic, a lot of us have been struggling to find our individual ways of coping. I find this fun to play with anytime and anywhere I am, and I could also earn rewards,” he said.

On the other hand, Angie Ferrer has been playing in casinos since she was 21. “I went out with friends and watched them play, then eventually I learned to play the slot machines as well, and that was the start,” the 32-year-old gamer revealed.  However, with the limitations and restrictions to most indoor events still in place, Ferrer hasn’t been able to play on-location at Solaire for matters of health and safety. But missing the anticipation, thrill, and fun of playing the slot machine has now thankfully been replicated by Solaire Online.

“The games are the same as the ones I usually play in the casino. I particularly like popular machines like Jin Ji Bao Xi and Mighty Cash that have high jackpots.  You can decide how much to bet and most importantly, it is as entertaining,” she mused.  “I can play anytime and wherever I am.  During days when I am too busy to visit the casino and prefer to play at home, I just access the web-based games which are enjoyable and convenient,” she added.

Solaire Online helps newbies like Diaz enjoy his choices of games while keeping up with the expectations of gamers like Ferrer. “The online game was easier than I thought when watching live games in casinos. The visuals are nice, and it is user-friendly, allowing me to easily understand the gameplay and its setup,” Diaz said, adding that he now looks forward to visiting the casino when times get better.

Another tip from experts like Ferrer: Set a budget before going through the options and stick to it each time you play. You’d be amazed with the endless range of games in Solaire Online. Aside from every beginner’s favorite slot machine, get thrilled with the Roulette and Sic Bo, or even Baccarat, and Slots (currently with 2 Php99M jackpots!), and more. Each gaming option gives you the chance to win real money, earn points to redeem offers—all with your gadget. Cashing in and cashing out is convenient as Solaire accepts multiple options including over-the-counter banks, online banking, and electronic

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Solaire casino online

Solaire launched Solaire Online in April 2021 and is the first integrated resort in the Philippines to launch an online gaming platform. Solaire Rewards members can access Solaire Online by simply logging in with their account number and PIN. Non-members who wish to access Solaire Online can easily sign up online or at the Solaire Rewards counter. The more you play Solaire Online, the more rewards you get!

Solaire Online is officially PAGCOR licensed.  And with the proliferation of other fake betting sites out there, it pays to play safely.  Gamers should play smart and only play on officially licensed and secure digital platforms like Solaire Online.  Take a chance today and play Solaire Online now for the best casino experience you can bet on.

(To sign up or log on, go to Terms & conditions apply. Gaming is for 21 years old and above only. Have fun and game responsibly.) BrandRoom/JC