From skincare to prepping body for pregnancy: Bianca King shares 5 New Year’s resolutions for physical health | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

bianca king NY
Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Actress-vlogger Bianca King plotted out her second batch of New Year’s resolutions that address physical health and shared it with fellow fitness fans.

“Some [self-improvement] ideas for physical health! NY resolutions part [two],” she said on her Instagram page last Tuesday, Jan. 4.

Number one on her list: King wants to keep moving everyday. She wants to take physical exercises in whatever form, be it walking, cleaning the house, doing home workouts or swimming.

Second, King wants to “abstain from dairy, wheat [and] sugar for weeks at a time.” She thinks it’s “doable” and she feels she can “cheat” when she feels like it, and can just pay for it the next day “through a looooong fast.”


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Third, to ensure that she doesn’t neglect her skin and face, King plans to wear sunscreen on her face everyday.

“And get some sun whenever the sun is out. Get vitamin D!” she said, while also stressing the need to moisturize.

Fourth, King will observe “lights off at 11:30 p.m.,” and she will “rise at 8:30 a.m. everyday.”

“Same time, everyday, [nine] hours in bed for [eight] hours of sleep. (I have to be on Manila time for work),” she added. King is currently based in Australia.

bianca king NY
Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

For her fifth fitness New Year’s resolution, King wants to give her body “the best conditions to bear a child.”

“Women in their [mid-30s] know how important this is and how challenging it can be,” she stressed.

King’s initial set of New Year’s resolutions is not buying clothes and being frugal in spending in 2022. She plans to post a part three of resolutions, this time for mental health. JB


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