Why you shouldn’t miss out on the new Brew Kettle Radler

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Brew Kettle Radler

The inuman is an inherently social Filipino tradition. Whether as part of a big celebration or just as a way of unwinding after hours, we like to drink—or more specifically, we like to drink together.

That’s why it’s only natural that we Filipinos often find ourselves drinking with others whose tastes and sensibilities are different from ours—even amid a pandemic. Today, at any given inuman—or should we say, e-numan—there may be a variety of preferences.

Thankfully, Brew Kettle Radler is the kind of drink that you can share with your friends and not worry whether it’s fit to their taste. We’ll give you reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the NEW Brew Kettle Radler!

You Embrace your Individuality

Adulting can be very tough and nerve-wracking. If you’re a person who’s used to handling responsibilities on your own, you’re usually independent and have a deep sense of individuality. Just like you, the Brew Kettle Radler zigs where others zag—it veers away from the typical lager.

Brew Kettle Radler

As much as your individuality goes, your experience in enjoying a cold one should be as unique as well. Celebrate your modern, sophisticated lifestyle by indulging and enjoying a cold drink of Brew Kettle Radler.

You’re Daring and Love Adventure

Every e-numan is, in its own way, a virtual adventure that we take with the friends and loved ones we drink with—especially at a time when we all just want to stay connected. It’s about experiencing successes, heartbreaks, breakthroughs, insightful sentiments, and major realizations in life.

Brew Kettle Radler

People like you, who have the strongest opinions, are the most daring of travelers, the bravest of daredevils, the hardcore gym bros, or crave a new experience, deserve to break out of daily routines every now and then. With its Citrus and Lemonade flavors, Brew Kettle Radler makes for a great company to those like you, who thrive in their ambitions and aspirations, taking on life for what it has to offer.

You Want to Explore and Create New Experiences

Sometimes, keeping things simple works best, especially for the rare get-togethers you have with your childhood buds who are just as busy as you are (and often, as tight-fisted as you are). Now, to keep things interesting at events like this, you need to start making bold decisions—explore different flavors to elevate the actual inuman experience. Add the new Brew Kettle Radler to your party, for instance, to make it more fun and memorable.

Brew Kettle Radler


You Stand out from the Crowd

In a circle of friends, there is always that person who goes beyond and stands out from the crowd. They know what they want and constantly find ways to achieve it. They have a clear idea of who they want to be and are constantly reshaping themselves in pursuit of their goals. They’re innately curious and have unlimited potential.

Sounds familiar? This may be you—as you’re constantly on the lookout for a drink that stands out from the crowd as much as you do. Open up your world and The Brew Kettle Radler will definitely catch your eye and relish a sense of accomplishment in your private moments such as casual drinking with a group or alone, with the help of Brew Kettle Radler!

Brew Kettle Radler

Inuman sessions are meant to be fun and enjoyed by everyone. No matter how different and unique each of us is, shared experiences and the urge to have a good time every now and then is what keeps bonding moments truly memorable and special, that’s why it’s important to keep tabs on the things that you and your friends enjoy altogether. Whether you want to chill and lay back or have fun and shake the stress away, create a memorable time by staying connected over good conversations, laughter, made even better with a cold bottle of Brew Kettle Radler.

Drink responsibly.

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