For Lyn Ching, kilay is life | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Lyn Ching IG
Lyn Ching. Image: Instagram/@ynching7

TV host Lyn Ching enjoys keeping herself beautiful through the magic of makeup, but she confesses to not being good at applying it, even as she’s lived more than half of her life wearing it.

Ching talked about being beautiful through wearing makeup in her Instagram post today, Feb. 10, where she shared a photo while she’s applying some.

“If you want me to make a video of my makeup process, let me know,” she said. “But warning, even after almost 28 years in the industry, I’m still not good at doing makeup. I do love makeup but I’m very particular.”

To explain, she gave some examples, like how she chooses “tinted moisturizer or tinted spf over foundation.” She shared that she has stopped using foundation a long time ago. But as for lipsticks, she is still a big fan and buys a lot of them.

There’s a must makeup item for her, and it’s something which she can’t live without: the brow pencil.

“After all, kilay is LIFE,” she said of brows. She then revealed that for work, she uses fake eyelashes.

“I have never tried going to eyelash centers because I doubt I’d be consistent with the care it need,” she explained. “[But] you never know.” JB


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