Wash your worries away with Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

Today, the safety of our loved ones has become our topmost priority. This is why we continuously look for the best possible ways to protect them.

Among the common safety practices nowadays is sanitizing our hands and the things we touch. However, we might be overlooking things that are often exposed to dirt, bacteria, and viruses that have accumulated throughout the day; one best example would be our clothes. Good thing, there are washing machines in the market that perform more than just cleaning clothes.

As a global appliance leader, Whirlpool has been a frontrunner in progressively changing the definition of laundry care over the past years. And here comes another innovative product brought by this US-trusted brand – the SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo.

Loaded with sanitation features, this Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo provides ultimate laundry care by thoroughly removing bacteria and viruses on clothes. To better understand how this product can wash your worries away, here are some of the benefits it offers:


Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

Our clothes can become carriers of pollutants and harmful particles, so it is important to ensure that they get disinfected before we wear them again.

One of SaniCare’s flagship features is the Sanitize Cycle that heats water for up to 90°C to help remove bacteria and viruses on clothes. Compared to the standard washing machines with liquid detergent and fabric conditioner compartments only, this washer-dryer combo is built with an Antimicrobial Drawer where a laundry sanitizer is poured to achieve dirt and bacteria-free clothes. This upgraded compartment, together with the washer bellow (door gasket), are injected with an anti-bacterial agent to prevent growth of molds and microbes even with long-term usage.

The Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo is equipped with the Hot Air Refresh program that uses heated air to remove unwanted odors and germs on delicate clothes (e.g. wool coats and sweaters) as well as non-apparel items (e.g. stuffed toys and pillows) without having to run a wash cycle. This program can be helpful during busy days as it softens and de-wrinkles garments for immediate wear.


Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

Whirlpool promises to deliver the best laundry experience by combining high performance and maximum energy savings — and this is made possible through the Zen Inverter Direct Drive Motor that is connected directly to the drum for added durability and stability. This makes way for efficient and quiet operations while maintaining low energy consumption.

Apart from the Zen Inverter Direct Drive Motor, this product is also built with Whirlpool’s unique 6th Sense Technology that creates the most efficient wash and dry cycles by analyzing the soil and moisture level on clothes. Both of these features ensure that each cycle is custom-made to every laundry load — bringing you the best results at the lowest possible cost.


Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

The Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo is especially designed with a Care Lifter that minimizes friction between clothes, offering a more gentle washing approach. Not only does this feature prevents fabric wear and tear, but it also distributes hot air evenly inside the drum to prevent clothes from shrinking during the drying cycle.

We don’t want to spend most of our time waiting to get our laundry done, especially if there are more important errands that need our attention. The Anti-Wrinkle program lets you leave your laundry as is while it creates gentle tumble motions — allowing clothes to stay soft and fresh for up to 8 hours after the wash and dry cycles. Garments go through steaming process to prevent wrinkles and bacterial growth so that clothes are ready to wear as you take them out.

Kids playing outdoors or accidentally spilling sauces on clothes leave stubborn stains. Thankfully, the Stain Wash program of this product works wonders in removing up to ten kinds of stubborn stains (e.g. oil, soy sauce, paint, etc.) by using varying temperatures during the wash cycle.


Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

Whirlpool understands how washing clothes can be a tiring activity for most of us. This is why the SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo aims to turn such tedious chore into an effortless task at home.

The combined powerful performance of both a washer and dryer lets you enjoy the full laundry experience at the touch of a button. By simply selecting the Wash & Dry 60’ program, our laundry comes out clean and fully dried within 60 minutes. Since it is a washer and dryer in one unit, you can load most of your laundry, thanks to its 8 kg washer and 5 kg dryer capacities. Plus, its single-body design saves more floor space so you can keep your laundry area organized.

Not to mention its Dual Dry System that offers two drying options: auto or timed. Auto-dry enables automated setting of the drying duration based on the moisture level of clothes. This comes after completing the wash cycle. While the Timed-dry program gives you the freehand to select the duration by yourself and use the unit for drying purposes only.

And finally, there’s no need to feel intimated when using a washer-dryer combo for the first time, the Auto-Start function has got you covered. Just press the power button for three seconds and the appliance will automatically select the best settings for your wash cycle.

Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo

It’s about time that we raise the bar and increase the level of protection we give to our loved ones — getting yourself this Whirlpool SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo could just be the first step.

Supported by over 400 service centers nationwide, the SaniCare Washer-Dryer Combo WWEB8503BW has a warranty of 10 years on inverter motor plus 1 year on parts and service.

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Whirlpool products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. To view their complete product line, you may drop by their showrooms located at Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Legazpi, Palawan, and Isabela. For more details, visit their website at www.whirlpool.com.ph or their Facebook Page at Whirlpool Philippines.


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