Markki Stroem turns 35, recounts 'blessed year' of projects, milestones | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

markki stroem ig
Image: Instagram/@markkistroem

Marking his birthday today, actor-model Markki Stroem recalled some significant events which helped shape his current views on life.

Stroem reminisced about the past year that saw him doing things he does not normally do, as per his Instagram page today, March 21, where he shared a photo of himself taken while in the desert, during a fashion shoot.

“Another year, another birthday. And what a year that was!” the Filipino-Norwegian celebrity said.

Stroem recalled that he did his first ever birthday shoot in his birthday suit which led to a mental health awareness campaign. Next, he wrote a song “Sanity” and talked about his struggles with mental health.

“It was tough to talk about, but I hope that it was able to help at least one person,” he said, noting that his career had a push from there.

He did two series, “Love At The End of the World” as Mark Anthony Handang and “My Delivery Gurl” as Bianca Duran.

“I also became an official E-Sports caster for the @pokemon company in Japan. Worked with the @esl_asia, and hosts from Malaysia, Australia and all over the region,” he recounted.


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Stroem did the catwalk in his first runway venture during the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, where he wore high heels while strutting in fashionable underwear.

markki stroem ig
Image: Instagram/@markkistroem

“I have been in the entertainment industry now for 12 years. I started as a singer, model, actor, host, producer, radio dj, thespian etc. I always love challenging myself to find new and exciting ways to ENTERTAIN. That is, after all, my job,” he said. “One needs to come out of left field and always throw a curve ball to keep people interested.”

“As I add Ted Talk speaker, versatile character actor, pokemon Esports caster and International model to my cap, I [can’t] help but feel blessed about the year that was,” he added. “Thank you Level 34! You have been a Magical challenge in this game called life. I am excited for what Level 35 has in store.” JB


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