Carlo Aquino on how to get over heartbreak: Talk about it until you're tired of it | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

carlo aquino ig
Carlo Aquino. Image: Instagram/@jose_liwanag

Spending time with friends and communing with nature are some of the ways by which Carlo Aquino forgets the pain of a broken heart.

Aquino spoke about how he moves on from a failed romance during the online press conference for the digital series “How To Move On In 30 Days,” last March 30. The series, which premiered on April 4, stars Aquino as Franco Sibayan, a barista, surf instructor and boyfriend for hire.

“I spend time with friends, nature. Punta sa dagat, sa bundok (I go to the sea, to the mountains),” he shared. And like any typical person, he talks about his heartbreak to his friends.

“Tapos kuwento nang kuwento sa mga kaibigan hanggang manabang sila. Hindi naman importante na sila ‘yung manabang. Kailangan ‘yung sakit mo ang manabang,” he explained. “Ikukuwento mo pa rin kahit ayaw nila hanggang sa mawala na iyon.”

(Then you tell your story to your friends until they get tired of it. It is not really important whether or not they get tired of your story. It should be your pain that you get tired of. You will still share your story though they have had enough of it, until [the pain] fades away.)

carlo aquino ig
Carlo Aquino. Image: Instagram/@jose_liwanag

For Aquino, there is no definite time for a brokenhearted guy to move on. He thinks it is a process that leads to the pain fading away in time.

“Minsan nga hindi mo alam naka-move on ka na pala,” he said. (Sometimes you do not even know that you have already moved on.)

Aquino believes that a guy is way past the trying-to-move on stage when he is already willing to meet another girl.

“Basta feeling mo open ka na makakilala ng ibang babae. Kapag open ka na na makipag-date,” he said. (Once you feel that you are open to meeting other girls, when you are open to dating again.) JB


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