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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dimples Romana
Image: Instagram/@dimplesromana

Actress and mompreneur Dimples Romana follows a certain Bible verse which makes her feel happy and fulfilled.

Romana shared Psalm 46:10 which goes, “Be still and know that I am God,” in her Instagram page last Maundy Thursday, April 14, calling it the “verse of our lives.”

“Ako na siguro ang pinakarestless (I am probably the most restless) and weary person you’ll ever meet. Para akong kiti kiti (I am like mosquito larva) especially when I was younger and I worried a lot,” she said.

“But through time this Bible verse has taught me the value of patience and trusting the wait. I have found peace and calm over the years,” she added.

During the days where she feels that something is not happening yet or her family is put to a challenge, Romana goes back to the verse, “and somehow, all of a sudden, His mighty saving hand comes through for us. Amazing Father God.”

“I am the least deserving of Your love and yet You still save me, us,” she prayed.


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Romana and her family were supposed to fly to Australia to spend Holy Week with daughter Callie but because of her pregnancy, she was not allowed to travel long flights.

“We decided to just stay home and organize not just the house but also our plans, our thoughts and our relationships. Most are golden, just so blessed to have found family in our friends but of course hindi maiiwasan sa life na may some toxic din (it cannot be avoided in life that there are some who are toxic) and those, we have to let go of, sadly with heavy hearts,” she said.

Dimples Romana
Image: Instagram/@dimplesromana

Cutting ties is never easy for Romana, more so when she has invested time and love. But she is grateful that her faith puts her back on track and reassures her that she is always looked after.

“Psalm 46:10 holds true and still remains to be our FAhmeely [Bible] verse,” she stressed. “So if you too are in the process of letting go not just of toxic relationships but also of negative feelings and anxieties, BE STILL and know that we have a GOD who never blinks. He will come through for you the way He has for us.” JB


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