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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Actress and yoga teacher Maxene Magalona believes that for life to be blissful, there should be balance in everything that we do.

Magalona spoke about positivity, balance and other types of energy that can be tapped under the Libra full moon in her Instagram page yesterday, April 17. She also shared a video of herself seated and meditating on a beach in La Union.

“Inhale love, exhale fear. Inhale acceptance, exhale judgment. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity. Inhale the power of believing in yourself, exhale self-doubt and negative self-talk,” she said. “Inhale pleasure, joy and gratitude, exhale pain, suffering and toxicity.”

According to Magalona, the “Libra full moon is associated with the energies of balance, creativity and play” and is a beautiful reminder for people “to find the middle path and stay as centered as possible,” to avoid overdoing things in life. For her, life should be a balance of work and play.

“We can’t work ourselves to exhaustion and forget to rest and play. We can’t celebrate our good traits while denying our flaws,” she stressed. “We can’t attach to life’s pleasures and not remember to worship our Divine Creator.”


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Meanwhile, Magalona explained further about Libra energy. She stated that sometimes, people in relationships have the tendency to “over give” until they completely forget about themselves, or to “take too much to the point of draining other people of their energy.”

maxene magalona IG
Image: Instagram/@maxenemagalona

“We have to learn how to keep ourselves balanced by making sure that while we allow other people to experience our energy, we should never forget to nurture and protect it, first and foremost,” she said. “Balance in relationships is learning how to set healthy boundaries with the people in your life while staying true to yourself and standing in your authentic empowerment.”

Magalona has been enjoying the company of friends, healthy food and the sights in La Union for the past couple of days. She has also recently visited Anilao, Batangas. JB


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