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OCTOBER 27, 2022

antoinette taus
Image: Instagram/@antoinettetaus

Actress and environmentalist Antoinette Taus continues in her advocacy of discussing the importance of mangroves in the environment and explaining their usefulness.

Taus shared about how mangroves can help curb climate change, in her Instagram page last Tuesday, April 26, through a TikTok video.

“Did you know that #Mangroves are the only trees able to live in saltwater? Nature-based solutions, especially mangroves, can help fight climate change and mitigate sea-level rise. Another reason they need our protection,” she said.⁠

“Blue carbon is one of the nature-based solutions that will not only save the planet’s climate but also bring about benefits for the ocean itself,” she added.

She enjoins everyone to protect mangroves by helping in the initiatives spearheaded by CORA WoMangrove Warriors.

“Let’s REIMAGINE, RECREATE and RESTORE the precious mangrove forests of the #Philippines while empowering women in coastal communities,” she said.

antoinette taus
Image: Instagram/@antoinettetaus

Taus encourages netizens to learn more about mangroves and adopt a mangrove seedling with her advocacy group by visiting the links she provided.

She also recently participated in Earth Day celebrations by planting mangroves in Baybay City, Leyte together with the CORA WoMangrove Warriors.

“Adopt a mangrove seedling and help protect communities, empower women and fight climate change,” she appealed. JB


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