Robinsons ARTablado celebrates Mindoro’s beauty through art

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Robinsons ARTablado

When one thinks of Mindoro, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the white-sand beach strip of Puerto Galera. But this island—which happens to be the seventh-largest island in the Philippines—also takes pride in its unspoiled islets, expansive natural parks, mystic waterfalls, and biodiverse wildlife. For the next exhibit hosted by Robinsons Galleria’s ARTablado, this grandeur is to be celebrated through amazing artworks by 10 visual artists. “Unlimited Grace,” as is the show titled, is set to open on May 16.

Mindoro’s landscapes and seascapes are depicted by 10 Mindoreños, including Wilfredo Rufon, Rodel Cruzado, Lulu Lladones, Chressa Yee Rufon, Ralph John Fatallo, Anna Lumpas, Vanessa Tria, Windsor Magnaye, Angelo Provido, and Nilo Evangelista. Aside from these visual artists, weaver Ulway Igoy Gayno is also showcasing the local weaving practice, while Popoy Cusi (a.k.a. “Master of Watercolour in the Philippines”) serves as a guest speaker and special exhibitor.

Inspired by the beauty of the island she calls home, Anna Lumpas started painting at a young age. She uses the canvas to celebrate the simple life and natural wonders in Puerto Galera. Femininity is also a recurring theme in her works.

Born in Valenzuela City, but raised in Puerto Galera, Chressa Yee L. Rufon takes after her father who also happens to be a visual artist. Aside from visual arts, she also delves into playing the guitar and enjoying music, which she also uses as inspiration.

With a degree in Fine Arts from the Batangas State University, Jericho Windsor Magnaye combines his love for travel and art to create striking masterpieces. But his style is not limited to landscapes and seascapes. Rather, he focuses on what he calls his “oeuvres kalye” or street art, which tells the story of beauty and chaos in day-to-day living. He pays special attention to the tricycle, which is not only convenient for traveling on the off-the-beaten path but is also faster and more accessible.

Robinsons ARTablado

A graduate of fine arts from the College of the Holy Spirit in Mendiola, Lulu Lladones thinks that art is not only a passion but also a source of strength. Her subjects mostly include flowers and Mindoro’s rich flora.

An Iraya Mangyan, Nilo Evangelista hopes to bring attention to his local community through art. He is mentored by Wilfredo Rufon, who he looks up to not only for his skill but also for his dedication to the craft.

Also known as Popoy Cusi, Rafael Arenillo Cusi is regarded as the “Master of Watercolor in the Philippines.” He hails from Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro and has exhibited his works throughout the Philippines and other countries, like Japan, Spain, Belgium, and more. He has a published book called “Philippine Coral Reefs in Watercolor,” which also promotes the Philippines’ rich marine biodiversity.

Ralph John Fatallo has lived in many places. Born in Caloocan, his family moved to Marinduque when he was seven years old, then later relocated to Mindoro. Moving from one place to another, he generally kept to himself and became a solitary child. His drawings were his refuge, which later became his way of healing to overcome depression.

Rodel Cruzado is a member of musical rock group in Puerto Galera in the 1980s. At the time, he would paint signages on boats, restaurants, and dive shops to make ends meet. After retirement from being a tourism officer of Socorro, he started his formal training in the arts in 2020.

Born in Manila, Vanessa Tria has created an alter ego for herself named “Vanpug,” which she also uses in the local art scene. She has reimagined pugs as her main subject, including “Pug with a Pearl Earring,” which was taken after Vermeer’s popular work. She participated in curated exhibitions in Singapore and has auctioned off her works to collectors all over the country, in Australia, and the U.S.

Based in Puerto Galera, Wilfredo “Jun” Rufon got formal training in fine arts from the University of the East. He often makes works out of Puerto Galera’s underwater views, forests and mangroves, coral reefs, and schools of fish.

Through her father’s occupation as a jewelry maker, Elisa Certeza Rufon, became interested in art and jewelry designs.  In 2004, she had the opportunity to work in Puerto Galera and her passion for art was futher enhanced from viewing the beautiful beaches and natural environment in the island. 

Robinsons Lang ARTablado, which is a portmanteau of “art” and “entablado,” is part of Robinsons Land’s efforts to showcase Philippine art and bring Filipino artists to the centerstage. It especially shines the spotlight on homegrown talents, such as the Hagonoy Art Group from Bulacan back in June 2021, Quezonian artists in February 2022, and Sining Rizal in April 2022.

“Unlimited Grace” opens on May 16 at ARTablado, 3/F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Quezon City.