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How to shop vintage


Jeweler Erica Concepcion-Reyes said that one should be open to what calls out to them. “I would say, buy whatever makes your heart beat. Acquire pieces that bring you joy,” she said.

“It’s best to research on vintage items that one is interested in. In my case, I was lucky enough to have the late Ramon Villegas as my mentor in learning about antique jewelry.”

If you’re really interested in vintage or estate jewelry, there will always be like-minded individuals. “For some reason, collectors gravitate toward each other. Because one of the joys of collecting is sharing it with people who have the same passion.”

E-commerce businessperson Vicky Marchadesch says you should find out first what you’re interested in. Since she grew out of her obsession for preowned luxury bags, she has been looking out for home items with a distinctly ’70s vibe.

“I also have a lot of Asian-inspired pieces but when I decorate with them, it doesn’t end up ‘looking’ like an Asian home. I make it my own,” Marchadesch said. —Raoul J. Chee Kee