The secret to living your best life? Relearn the art of awra

The secret to living your best life? Relearn the art of awra

The simplest beauty and style tricks that can inspire you to go for it

Feel like you missed out on what was supposed to be the best years of your personal and professional lives? You’re not alone. Even if some people on Instagram seem like they’ve had a head start in making up for time lost to lockdowns and are already sipping drinks at the finish line, you’re not too late to join the party.

On a mission to live your best life in 2022? Start prepping for those big summer adventures by looking the part. Don’t underestimate what curating the vibe can do for you (and your feed). We’re brushing up on beauty and style know-hows for our great return outdoors.


Choose products that can make you feel like the most important person in the room

We’ve retired the term girl boss but fun-loving, ambitious women continue to hold our attention— not just by their commanding presence but because they’ve got that natural-looking glow. Let’s face it. It’s hard to rock a look when you look tired and haggard. So we’re taking a page from all the iconic women of today who don’t skip their beauty routines despite their extremely busy schedules.

Silka Papaya Lotion
The ultra-affordable 10mL sachet of the Silka Papaya Lotion gives you glowing skin to-go.

Good thing local brands offer affordable musts that don’t burn a whole through your wallet. Regular use of products like the local beauty staple Silka Papaya Lotion works wonders for achieving visibly glowing and younger-looking skin. What’s the secret? The Silka lotion contains papaya enzyme, niacinamide, and skin-loving vitamins B6, B5, C, and E. It protects and lightens the skin while improving texture and moisture. It also has SPF 6 and a non-greasy formula—making it a great companion in this incredibly humid summer. Create a beauty routine that encourages you to not hide away from the sun.

At ultra-affordable prices like P107 for 200mL and P7 for a 10mL sachet, the Silka lotion also reminds us that everyone deserves daily use of quality beauty products. And it’s not hard to get your hands on one since it’s available in groceries, supermarkets, drugstores, sari-sari stores, and online on Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada. Beauty culture should be something that we can all be part of and affordability is one of the things that help make beauty more inclusive.

Silka Papaya Lotion
The 200mL bottle of Silka Papaya Lotion is a skin lightening holy grail for gals making the most out of summer.


A common mistake people on a budget make is investing solely on facial beauty products. But a head-to-toe approach not only makes your routine feel truly luxurious, it helps boost your self-esteem. The Silka lotion is just one add-to-cart away for anyone needing that much-needed body skin TLC.

Dress like you’re going somewhere better later

If your calendar is booked with trips and gatherings that were postponed during the lockdowns, you have an opportunity to test new looks as well. To level up your style doesn’t have to mean going full classic chic or glam anymore. You don’t even have to master the art of high/low dressing. It’s about building an outfit or incorporating pieces that can make people ask, “What’s the occasion?” or “Where are you headed?” 

Sure, it could mean breaking out the oversized blazer. But it could also mean sporting a bold dress, Jordans, or any piece that you’ve previously thought was too much for a normal day. Let yourself look fab even if you’re just going to a weekend market or headed to the office. After years of sitting pretty at home, it’s time to show off your glowing skin in your best ’fit outside of Zoom.

Looking your best builds natural confidence and an affinity for fun. You won’t need to fake it when you’re searching for new beginnings in dates or job interviews. Make every day an awra day with products like the Silka Papaya Lotion. Not because you feel pressured to, but because it’s what you want and deserve.