Dental veneers and cosmetic enhancements: The game changers

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Valeria Doctors

Smile is considered as the best accessory one can wear, but nowadays, having a  beautiful, healthy smile is already considered a lifestyle. Smiling is an important part of  life, not only as a way to express our emotions but also as a way to build relationships and make lasting first impressions. Thankfully, modern technology has resulted in plenty  of solutions for people who find themselves lacking confidence in their smiles.  

With so much information we can access freely now, it can be hard to understand what  your treatment options are, which one is the best for you, and how the procedure will  affect you in the years to come.  

Valeria Doctors

Enter Valeria Doctors—a serene medical and dental haven that ethically offers treatments  and procedures for both General and Cosmetic Dentistry and Face and Body Medical  Aesthetics. Located in the more laidback area of Pasig, the clinic is a tranquil space away  from hustle and bustle of modern life. 

Veneers Cosmetic

“It was my initiative. For years, I was operating two dental clinics located in the eastern  part of the metro. And because of their proximity to each other, I have been getting the  same clientele for both clinics,” recalls Valeria Doctors’ founder and seasoned dental  practitioner, Dr. Patricia Diana Suiza. Through the years, her client base has  tremendously grown, with patients coming in from as far as Baguio, and even OFWs who  learned about her and her practice from write-ups, personal referrals and testimonials  found online. 

Considering that her husband, Dr. Lieth Momani is a licensed and certified Cosmetic  Surgeon and that they also owned an aesthetic clinic, Doc Tricia thought of a way to  better serve their patients. “I realized I want to step up and redefine the landscape of the  practice. I want to focus on delivering “premium” services, to change people’s perception  on Dentistry and Medical Aesthetics and to emerge as a game changer in the industry.  My experience in having to handle several clinics since 2013 has taught me that the key 

to stand out is to find my passion and back it up with furthering my skillset through  continuous learning and experience. Years ago, I thought it was in surgery I was  passionate about until one day, I figured that it is in “beauty” that I get the most “kilig”. I  also had to go out of my way to support this idea by taking up entrepreneurial courses,  hiring business coaches and finding doctor mentors. Deep inside I knew I can do more,  give more and be more. So I always dare to be extra”.

I want Valeria be a household name in this specific medical field. I want to be a household  name in the field of creating the most beautiful and the healthiest smiles ” shares ‘Doc  Tricia,’ as she is fondly called by peers in the industry.  

When you say ‘veneers’ I want my name to be the first to get a mention.” Doc Tricia is a  good industry player—possessing the brains, the skills, the attitude and sophistication.  Indeed, she’s up to being the Queen in her field. The “Queen of Veneers” as her patients  would call her. 

Dr. Lieth Momani on the other hand is a rising superstar in the field of Cosmetic Surgery.  With his impeccable skills and carefully developed techniques; being known known for  his scarless surgeries, Dr. Momani is that other essential chord in a harmonious practice  collaboration. 

Valeria Doctors

Backstory, just when that dream of Doc Tricia was about to rollout, COVID-19 hit and  ground the whole world to a halt. “But that didn’t stop me and my husband from that  dream. We just had to put it on the back-burner.” Two years into the pandemic with  lockdowns easing out and countries slowly opening, Doc Tricia approached her longtime  friend and industry colleague, Dr. Brian Punzal, and asked him to join in 2021. Doc Brian  also practices Cosmetic Dentistry and is known for his expertise on Oral Surgery. “I  always want to work with people whose values are aligned with mine but who can  neutralize my being aggressive and he is just the best fit to join us”. Together with Doc  Tricia and Doc Lieth, Doc Brian makes up the founding three of Valeria Doctors—a one stop clinic that can provide and perform treatments and aesthetic procedures that can  enhance a patient’s physical and mental well-being from head to toe.  

Valeria Doctors: A multidisciplinary clinic that banks on providing quality treatments,  thoroughness in diagnosis and excellent patient experience is what they always aim to  sustain. A premium reputation anchored on the desire to make the world more beautiful  one patient at a time. This places Valeria Doctors uniquely and acutely at the forefront of  the latest training, and product information when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and facial  and body aesthetics. It has dental suites, private treatment rooms, a room for diagnostic  imaging, medical doctor’s office and other specialized areas.

A bit of a trivia: Valeria Doctors got its name from Doc Tricia and Doc Lieth’s daughter,  Lietrice Valeria. Valeria in Latin means strong, brave, and healthy, which fits with the core  values of the company. “It also feels more personal by naming it after a real person,” says  Doc Tricia.  

Every single aspect of Valeria Doctors is different. The entire staff embodies the vision of  the company. When asked what patients should look for in a medical establishment if  they want to avail any dental treatments or aesthetic procedures, Doc Tricia answered,  “licensed and trained dental/medical practitioners are a must,” she first pointed out. These  practitioners have undertaken extensive training, enabling them to deliver only the very best results. Secondly, excellent sanitation and sterilization protocols from the clinic down  to the smallest medical instruments. Third, machines, equipments esp LASERs should  pass international safety standards. In a practice like ours, investing on good brands of  equipments, products and materials is non negotiable”. She also emphasized thorough  consultation, clinical examination, and diagnosis before proceeding should be among the  criteria for choosing the right clinic. She also mentioned transparency regarding  limitations of procedures, excellent client and after-care services, and lastly reasonable  charging. “Price should always be based on the skills of the practitioner performing the  procedure,” she states. “Price of services is a subjective matter and we define it based  on the value we, as doctors put into our work and the quality of the results we deliver”. 

For Doc Tricia, health should be the first. Functionality comes second, and Aesthetics  should be the last consideration when it comes to the practice. “For me, the aesthetics  part is the easiest aspect. Making sure that we have a healthy foundation and ensuring  functional restorations are the tricky parts. It is the health and function that will determine  the longevity and success of the treatment. Aesthetics is the superficial aspect and the  easiest to alter”.  

Valeria Doctors doesn’t only want you to look your best but also want you to feel your  best. To say that the most important accessory is the smile would be an understatement.  People are more critical now when they see someone’s set of teeth. The teeth contribute  a lot to the facial harmony of the face. And Valeria Doctors’ ethos is to keep your beautiful  smile healthy, bright, and natural-looking with a gentle, caring, and committed approach. 

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Valeria Doctors is located at SB-01, 2nd Floor Bldg B, The Red Dot, C. Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig City. BrandRoom/DDV


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