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OCTOBER 27, 2022

bianca gonzalez ig isolation
Bianca Gonzalez. Image: Instagram/@iamsuperbianca

TV host Bianca Gonzalez believes that playing outdoors is so important for children. She also recently learned its many other benefits for adults.

Gonzalez shared what she learned about the many good things related to playing outdoors and connecting with nature through her Instagram page today, July 4, where she showed a short video of herself and her children while playing.

“Outdoor play is SO important. Pakiramdam ko nga hindi lang para sa mga bata (I feel that it is not only for children) but for us adults as well, lalo (especially) for our mental health,” she said.

“I learned so much from our June #TalkED episode where we had Teacher Jackie Bugarin-Uy a certified Forest School Practitioner based in Finland, as our guest,” she added, referring to one of her vlog episodes with the Knowledge Channel.

Gonzalez then shared about the Loose Parts Theory, explaining “that things we can move around and tinker with will develop the creativity and imagination of our kids much better than static materials or toys with a specific use.”

“Try to think about when kids play with leaves, twigs, rocks, flowers. Like a toy car can pretty much only be a toy car, but materials they find in the outdoors can be anything they imagine it to be,” she said.

The Flow State is all about concentration, Gonzalez explained next.

“Have you ever found your kids or yourself so zoned into something na kahit tinawag pangalan, hindi titingin (even when called, the child would not look)? When you are fully focused on what you are doing, not noticing distractions around and time seems to pass, that is actually a good thing because brain connections are being strengthened and kids are fully enjoying the process they are in,” she said.

bianca gonzalez ig isolation
Bianca Gonzalez. Image: Instagram/@iamsuperbianca

As for Biophilia, Gonzalez explained that it is “about the innate human instinct to connect with nature that has many benefits like reducing stress, improving cognitive function, enhancing mood and creativity.”

Gonzales learned from teacher Jackie that even “a few minutes a day to walk outside and get some sun, or gather materials from the outside to do arts and crafts inside the house, taking care of a pet or plants, when done consistently, these all count as outdoor play and [are] crucial to kids’ development.” JB


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