Reducing Waste: McDonald's shifts to strawless lids, commits to #SipItBetter for the environment
McDonald's strawless lid

Reducing Waste: McDonald’s shifts to strawless lids, commits to #SipItBetter for the environment

Grabbing a cold drink in this humid tropical weather has never felt better with McDonald’s new ‘strawless’ lids—lids with a spout that act as the dispensing chute,a convenient and guilt-free way to quench your thirst without having to worry about adding more waste. While the material of the lid is still made of plastic, it’s a step in the right direction as it helps to cut down the unnecessary plastic that disposable straws produce. This new detail to their cup foregoes the need for a straw completely, replacing their usual flat lid with a shape that customers may recognize from their hot drinks. 

McDonald’s continues in its journey towards sustainable restaurant solutions with its packaging by transitioning to strawless lids for all its beverages except for those served with sundae as part of their Green & Good platform.

Now, gone are the days when you’d have to think twice about packing your own reusable straw or worrying about where your plastic straw will end up. McDo’s strawless lid allows you to sip and go without all the fuss. All McDonald’s stores nationwide have already transitioned to using strawless lids

This recent initiative is just a small part of McDonald’s pledge to deliver impactful solutions towards reducing waste. As a leader in the restaurant industry, McDonald’s has already introduced a number of innovations that are in line with their goal for sustainable packaging, energy conservation and sustainable active mobility. Their Green & Good initiative— the company’s official platform for addressing environmental concerns — has begun its transition to the use of paper material for its bags and product packaging, and has launched green flagship stores that feature innovative solutions like green building and utility efficient solutions such as eco-bricks, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting tank.

In 2020, McDonald’s opened its first Green & Good flagship store in U.N. Avenue in Manila and in 2021, its second Green and Good store in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Other stores in Arayat, Pampanga and Ligao, Albay followed suit in June 2022, pioneering the use of solar rooftop panels to power its operations. McDonald’s showcase of sustainability projects is definitely telling of their commitment and dedication to their customers, ensuring that they’ll always have their customer’s best interest at heart. Green & Good elevates the McDonald’s experience — a promise to continue delivering feel-good moments with every order and every visit. 

There’s no better time to treat yourself than now with the relief that McDo Green & Good brings. Share how you #SipItBetter next time you order a drink from McDonald’s and tag them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. BrandRoom/LA