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How do you de-stress in the middle of a busy day?

We’ve rounded up some things you can do during that quick 10-minute (or more) break.

Many factors could be counted in amplifying a regular Filipino worker’s daily stresses–traffic, quick-changing weather, or even readjusting to a back-to-office set-up are only some that we can think of that might top the list this 2022. With many things to consider in readjusting back to how we used to do work, a little winding down when possible is a must. 

Many of us might already have a routine during a busy weekday, but we’ve listed down a couple of midday activities you can do to lighten up the mood. Whether it’s to prepare for a full-throttle  afternoon or to relax from a heavy morning, you might want to try some of the following: 

  1. Doing short high-intensity training exercises. 

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If you have space in your office for some stretching, take a crack at some high-intensity training  workouts. Flexing those muscles isn’t just good for your physical health, it helps improve your  overall mood, too. 

In case your office allows for a quick run outside, jog around the perimeter of your building –and  maybe have a little of that good Vitamin D from the sun. 

  1. Glamming up before an important Zoom meeting. 

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Many of us might have gone through the same scenario of having a swamped morning full of  meetings or running around different offices for other errands. Congratulations for surviving the  first half of the day! If your schedule is still packed with more of those, give yourself a bit of  pampering and freshen up your look. 

You may either touch up on your makeup or take a shower run for those who’d prefer a fresher  look –in a quite literal sense. There’s nothing better than making ourselves feel good by presenting  ourselves well. 

  1. Dancing or belting out to your favorite tunes. 

For those who work in large offices with shared spaces, you can listen to your favorite tunes in  your earphones to take away all the stress from the earlier hours of the day. 

On the other hand, those who are still in a work-from-home set-up or privileged enough to have  their own closed offices –why not belch out a song or two? As they say, nothing beats a good  karaoke sing-along session. 

  1. Taking a quick nap.

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If you’re just out of energy, there’s nothing like a good old nap. You may just simply take a nap  on your desk for a few minutes or maybe in the sleeping quarters for offices with specially  designated rooms. Just remember to give your manager or boss a heads up so they’ll know you’re  not slacking off. 

  1. Take a break and indulge on your favorite snack–like a Magnum bar. 

When it all comes down to it, especially if you don’t have any minute to spare within the day for  any of the above, nothing beats a good dessert for that sweet-tooth picker-upper. We’ve had Magnum on our radar, and it definitely fits any day of the week—good and bad. 

What’s great about the Magnum bar is that it recreates a luxurious eating experience every time. Made with thick cracking Belgian chocolate and velvety vanilla ice cream, it’s an uncomplicated  dessert that’s perfect for a midday break. 

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Indulge and switch between three flavors: Classic, Cookies & Cream, and the crowd-favorite  Almond. It makes sure that every bite meets that #TruetoPleasure need to take a quick breather  during a busy day. 

If destressing in between breaks is not enough, buy a pack of Magnum Minis for that quick  indulgence treat anytime of the day. 

So, on your next stop to the store with your officemates, make sure to check out Magnum and  Magnum Minis in convenience stores and supermarkets nearest to you. BrandRoom/FE