Healthy Mind Solutions, the future of mental health, now in the Philippines
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Healthy Mind Solutions, the future of mental health, now in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – There has been an increased focus on mental health during the pandemic; however, many of those who feel anxious and depressed may not have the mental health solutions within their reach.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 6M Filipinos are suffering from depression and anxiety. WHO also estimates that mental health conditions in the Philippines is costing the country P68.9B, which includes loss of workforce and reduced productivity. The top three barriers for Filipinos seeking mental health support are the fear of social stigma attached to mental illness, the inaccessibility of services and financial constraints of availing the services. The Philippines ranks 3rd among countries with the highest rates of mental disorders in the Western Pacific Region. Mental illness is a much larger kind of pandemic that, if unaddressed, can severely affect millions of Filipinos.

Furthermore, according to the July 4, 2022 article, analytics firm, Gallup, in its “State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report,” says that while workers everywhere said life at work is “not well,” those in the Philippines are among the most stressed out in the world. 68,000 workers in over 140 countries and half of 1,000 Filipinos 15 years and older were surveyed for the report and said “yes” when asked whether they experienced stress most of the day. At 50 percent, worker stress in the Philippines was the highest in Southeast Asia in 2021. While it was three points lower than 53 percent in 2020, it was still higher than the global average.”

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Filipino culture has attached a social stigma on mental illnesses and consider it as a reflection on the person’s character, prompting most to suffer in silence and not seek help, even from their own families. Accessibility to mental health help is also limited and unaffordable to many.

Canadian wellness company Healthy Mind Solutions (HMS) seeks to break this stigma by providing companies with mental health solutions and services that are effective, confidential, convenient, research-based and affordable. Their mental health platform MindWoRX is revolutionary, game-changing and is considered the future of mental health in the Philippines.

Introducing HMS’ MindWorRx – An important tool for HR practitioners

HMS is launching MindWoRx in the Philippines. It is a 100 percent web-based online mental health platform for companies looking to assist their employees overcome anxiety and depression and help them handle the day-to-day stress and pressures at work and at home.

MindwoRx is an innovative and self-guided behavior therapy platform with over 150,000 users globally using the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach. The platform includes a Web-based Anxiety and Depression Assessment Test, online Mental Recovery & Resiliency Courses, and a Community Support Forum monitored by licensed therapists.

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Richard Caballero, Founder and CEO of Healthy Mind Solutions

It is backed by 15+ years of peer-reviewed clinical research supporting its efficacy and is compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAAA), The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada and the Mental Health Act of the Philippines.

“Human resources professionals are faced with ever-increasing mental health challenges from their workforce. HR practitioners are looking for a preventative and innovative solution that will not only help manage the mental health issues of their employees but also provide them with tools that will help them to become more mentally resilient. “HMS has the solution, “says Richard Caballero, HMS Founder and CEO. “One company that acknowledges the importance of mental fitness is Medicareplus, one of the leading HMOs in the country. They recently signed up a strategic partnership with HMS to offer MindWoRx to their plan holders.”

Recovery and Resilience

MindWoRx has anonymous, self-guided assessment and behaviour therapy courses to assist in mental recovery and strengthen the mental resilience of employees. It is confidential and available 24/7 with an annual license fee that provides them unlimited use for a full year at the same cost as a therapy session.

The Mental Resiliency Courses deal with issues on Relationships, Resolving Disputes, Shyness and Sensitivity, Role Transitions, and Grief and Loss.
With its suite of research-based programs, employees with strong mental well-being can better adapt to life-changing events, cope with turbulent times, handle the work pressures and quickly bounce back from hardships and tragedies.

Management will benefit from MindWoRx as it decreases incidences of mental health related sick days or family emergency reasons for absences. Employees are less likely to leave the company and therefore decrease HR turnover.

100+ years of collective experience of HMS founders

Caballero and his HMS partners have a collective experience of 100+ years in developing global businesses within the Asia-Pacific and North American Regions.

A successful techprenuer, Caballero has an extensive background in managing global technology companies and leading award-winning multinational teams in over 50 countries. His 25+ years of experience in various industries including sales, marketing, finance, product management and business development for global tech companies have contributed to the launching of HMS.

“Healthy Mind Solutions is a forward-thinking company and the only one in the market that addresses the issues of mental health through a unique self-managed platform that is scalable, effective and customized to the needs of Filipinos. Our products and services are also designed to make it affordable to the average Filipino, and part of our advocacy is to donate licenses to those who can’t afford them,” Caballero explains. “Our mission is to make HMS accessible to as many Filipino workers as possible. When employees are mentally fit, they are happier and more productive both at their workplace and at home,” he says in ending.

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