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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“I DON’T enjoy partying much, I prefer out-of-town trips and movie nights.”

One can have a conversation with Miko about anything, that’s the reason why during the shoot, in between takes, our topics ranged from health to architecture, photography and college life. A health buff, he said, “I must get to exercise regularly and I watch what I eat.”

He loves taking care of a lot of pets. He also loves tending to his plants, and is someone particular about following schedules.

An Architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines, he said he can express his design point of view through structure. “I see architecture as an opportunity to use ideas and design to solve a problem,” he explained.

“Every project poses a unique problem you have to innovatively tackle. I enjoy finding the most creative solution that responds to the client, the setting, and my own design philosophies.”

He added his dream project is to design a fully sustainable house that will become a template for future residential developments.

Despite being very passionate about his field, Miko admitted he’s just a laid-back guy. “I don’t enjoy partying much, I prefer out-of-town trips and movie nights.”

An athlete, he used to do triathlon but he’s still in touch with the sport by cycling occasionally and running.

It’s no surprise he’s a person who loves the outdoors. He admits his creative inspiration comes from nature, especially when he does photography.

“I FEEL that nature is the standard through which beauty is measured,” says Miko de los Reyes.

“Everything found in nature is perfect and the way that it should be,” he said. “I feel that nature is the standard through which beauty is measured.”

So what’s next for Miko now that he has finally earned the chance to wear the time-honored UP “sablay”? (“Sablay” is the sash that UP students wear during graduation.)

“I want to continue working for a year or two until the required work hours for my board exam have been accomplished. Then I plan to take the board, and hopefully pass it, then earn a master’s degree abroad.”

College taught him a lot, but not just from the usual class lectures. He said he believes plenty of learning occurs outside the classroom. “In college I’ve experienced having to make my own decisions, manage my own time and fend for myself. College has taught me to deal with different types of people, be more responsible and has hopefully equipped me with enough tools for life.”

Photography Kenji Onglao

Styling Luis Carlo San Juan

Grooming Sari Campos

Hairstyle Hyatt Laurel

Clothes by Zara

Shot on location One Rockwell, special thanks to Rochelle Baylon