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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Kare-Kare (FILE PHOTO)
Kare-Kare STORY: Kare-kare ranks as 52nd best stew in the world –Taste Atlas
Kare-Kare (FILE PHOTO)

MANILA, Philippines – The traditional Filipino kare-kare has been ranked as the 52nd best stew in the world, according to Taste Atlas.

Taste Atlas is an extensive food guide website that compiles and ranks international food dishes. Kare-kare received 4.3 stars out of 5, based on reviews, ranking higher than Moroccan couscous and gumbo from the United States.

Taste Atlas described kare-kare as “a traditional Filipino stew consisting of meat such as tripe, pork leg, ox tail, goat or chicken, vegetables, and a thick, savory peanut sauce flavored with annatto seeds.”

Kare-kare is not the first Filipino dish to have received international recognition from the famous food website.

Taste Atlas recognized two Filipino dishes in the Taste Atlas Awards 2021, ranking sinigang first in the soup category while lumpia ranked second in the side dish category.


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