TUMI Unveils the World’s Most Sought After Collection | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Taking the center stage alongside some of the world’s most talented artists in the Hollywood action-thriller Bullet Train is TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminum Briefcase. Seemingly the case that everyone is after, TUMI’s prime luggage piece was crafted not only to suit the world’s finest assassins but also to survive being at the center of a global hunt. An impressive level of attention to detail was displayed to ensure that for a world with a far fewer number of assassins, the case would be the embodiment of form and function befitting the business travel lifestyle. For less exhilarating adventures, the briefcase is more than enough to combat the long travel hours and business meetings the modern go-getter has to face.

It features a precisely sculpted aluminum body that boasts a sleek yet stylish finish. The case is topped with a leather-wrapped top handle that retracts when not in use. Furthermore, your belongings are secure with a three-digit combination lock that also includes a push button. Finally, flourishing the piece is a monogrammable initial patch and a luggage tag with the Bullet Train logo. This limited edition briefcase comes in only 150 limited-edition briefcases available globally from select TUMI Stores & TUMI.com. 

Outside the silver screen, TUMI’s mission to deliver aspiring customers a world-class travel experience through their high-quality luggage continues with the 19 Degree Aluminum collection. The collection the featured briefcase was derived from, this iteration of TUMI products showcases the same material and fashionable finish. This line includes the Continental Carry-On, International Carry-On, Short Trip Packing Case, Extended Trip Packing Case, Worldwide Trip Packing Case, and Rolling Trunk. 

From top to bottom one can see that TUMI designed and put together this line of products with you in mind. Each bag uses a reinforced framecase design with two snap closures for carry-on bags and three snap closures for check-in bags. Travel without worry as your belongings are perfectly secure with the TSA locks, the TUMI Tracer®, and the die-cast corner caps these come in. Lastly, enjoy unending convenience without compromising style with the leather-wrapped retractable top and side carry handles, and the four dual-spinning recessed wheels that offer effortless maneuverability. The 19 Degree Aluminum collection comes in Silver, Matte Black, Texture Blush, Texture Silver, and Truffle/Saffron colorways.

There is no stopping TUMI from showing that traveling in luxury and comfort does not have to come at the expense of our environment. Featuring 19 Degree, this collection presents a line of sustainable polycarbonate travel cases that are made with recycled materials. Coming in the full range of carry-on and check-in sizes, as well as features including a smooth and quiet wheel system and built-in USB ports for the Carry-On sizes, show that these environmentally-sound decisions do not compromise the quality of their product. Perhaps not for the serious and the sleek, but rather for the flamboyant and the bold, each bag is masterfully wrapped in a special film that purposely reflects light as the bag moves. With 19 Degree there is no room for those that shy away from the spotlight, only for those that embrace it.

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