Nutrifresh App: Your one stop shop to quality fresh chicken in the Metro

Nutrifresh App: Your one stop shop to quality fresh chicken in the Metro

Quality Chicken Fresh from the Farm is Now Just a Tap Away on Your Phone, then Straight to your Table

Nutrifresh Chicken Philippines, a direct farm producer, processor, and distributor, has launched its Nutrifresh APP that helps you get Quality Fresh Chicken directly to your door steps. The Nutrifresh App is a first in the Philippines which offers a dedicated mobile app catering to only buying the freshest varieties of chicken; whole, cuts and parts that you can order at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. 

Nutrifresh App

The app is so user-friendly and straight to the point that you just need to register an account, choose your order, pay for it and then wait for it to be delivered to your home without any hassle. The pandemic has been the company’s motivation to think of a more convenient way for consumers to order and purchase quality fresh chicken through a dedicated mobile app. In addition, they will be holding special promotions within Manila Metro to mark their 12th anniversary this September 16, 2022.

But how do you know that they only serve quality chicken?

Well, they got you covered from eggs to chicken! Nutrifresh has their own breeder farms that produce and lay broiler eggs. These eggs will then be collected and delivered to their hatchery facility where they are incubated and hatched. They will then be moved to a local poultry farm equipped with advanced ventilations and heating systems where they can freely live, roam, eat and drink in comfort under the care of an expert farm manager with the help of a highly qualified veterinarians. When these chickens grow to the ideal size and weight, they will then be processed quickly and humanely and then thoroughly washed, cleaned, chilled and inspected by the NMIS. They have their in-house distribution system where they keep the chicken chilled during transit from their plant to the market or in this case your house! They always make sure that you have the newest batch of chicken from their plant.


Premium Quality Chicken Equals Healthy and Quality Meal!

Nutrifresh guarantees that your chicken has no added preservatives, hormones or steroids in it. As they always say, “Manok ay Laging Bago”. This would also assure that every dish you make is fresh, healthy and yummy! You can also check their app and website for some mouth-watering recipes you can recreate at home!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Download the App now at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You may also check their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram @nutrifreshchicken or thru their website. #EatHealthyEatFresh