OSH! Oh So Healthy! promotes healthy lifestyle in a healthy Philippines.

OSH! Oh So Healthy! promotes healthy lifestyle in a healthy Philippines.

Who says you can’t enjoy snacks if you want to look, feel, and be actually healthy? It’s time to rave about guilt-free snacking treats you can munch on any time of the day!

The glow up version of anytime-snacks is now available from OSH! Oh So Healthy! This fresh, new brand is flexing a variety of treats that are deliberately made to promote health and proper nutrition without forcing deprivation, so you can have fun eating in between meals, while doing your homework, playing your favorite mobile game, binge-watching on Netflix, or just hanging out with the gang. 

“Healthy food need not be bland and boring anymore,” says Almay Gaw-See, the food innovator at the helm of Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation, the maker of OSH! “Our brand is synonymous to great-tasting, guilt-free snacks of unsurpassed quality.”

Promoting healthy Pinoy lifestyle 

“OSH! also makes it a commitment to continue spreading the word about the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and making better choices when it comes to food,” See says. Needless to say, the brand is leading by example. 

The sustainable snack brand boasts of plant-based products that are non-GMO, low in calories, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, preservative-free, and non-fried. OSH! defies the conventions by turning popular local fruits and crops into innovative, healthy snacks—produced after meticulous research and development processes. 



While more people start to cringe on the age-old junk food products, it’s time to switch on your taste imagination and try the healthy Guava Purple Yam Banana crisps or the Mango Sweet Potato Banana chips. How about indulging in Coconut Purple Yam Banana to spruce up an idle morning or afternoon? 

Get ready to exclaim, “Oh my gosh! That’s OSH! upon discovering and trying each variant from its line of  cool, trendy snacks. Among the other must-try products are the sour cream-flavored Veggie Crisps, Choco Mango Dipped Crisps, the spicy Kimchi Crisps, and OSH! Pops. Be surprised to discover and enjoy each offering from the line. 

For a ‘healthy’ nation

Aside from offering healthy, delicious snacks, OSH! definitely hits different by helping people enjoy better lives. First, the company sources the fruits it uses from the local produce. This way, it supports sustainability of our farmers, providing them with better income opportunities. Patronage of homegrown harvests also helps promote local crops so consumers would be more aware of their abundance and nutritional value. 

At the same time, the OSH! maker ensures the welfare of its own workforce. It promotes overall well-being internally by encouraging its people to get into regular Zumba classes and be part of annual team building and other fun physical activities. Moreover, during the onset of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the company was quick to provide free flu vaccines for protection, at a time when Covid shots were not yet available. Later on, it coordinated with the local LGU to make sure all its staff get convenient and organized access to available Covid vaccines. 


“Overall, OSH! is a Filipino brand from a Filipino company that has been working devotedly to help bring out a better you in a better country through its highly-committed people. That is what makes us stand out,” See concludes. 


OSH! can now be stashed online through Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, BeautyMNL, and the OSH! website and online store (www.imohsohealthy.com). You can also buy the treats at brick-and-mortar shops and supermarkets (SM, The Marketplace, Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark, Unimart, AllDay, South Supermarket, S&R, and Landers) in the metro and in key cities nationwide. OSH! is also available at SM Kultura, SM Snack Exchange, Watsons, Duty Free Philippines, Real Food, SaladStop! and Go! Salads.





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