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OCTOBER 27, 2022

kris bernal
Image: Instagram/@krisbernal

Actress Kris Bernal had long been inactive in working out since the pandemic and she has just recently gotten the drive to hit the gym again.

Bernal showed what her exercise routine now is like via a short video she posted in her Instagram page yesterday, Sept. 27, where she can be seen doing calisthenics and weightlifting.

“Long time no gym. So, not as ripped as I once was. It’s been a while since the last time I worked out with proper gym machines and equipment. I haven’t had a trainer since the pandemic began. So, thank you coach @iammalvinescandor, for the puuush to finally begin training again,” she said.

Since she’s not been in a gym for a long while, Bernal was gasping for breath when she finally started working out again.

“I feel like I’m back to being a beginner. Basically, back to zero,” she said. “Will definitely try my best to go back to my old routine but I will maintain this weight since a lot of you are appreciating my progress!”


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Bernal and her husband Perry Choi also recently celebrated their fuss-free first anniversary as husband and wife. The couple got married on Sept. 15 last year. In a separate post last Sept. 25, Bernal shared some moments from their simple celebration.


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“For our first wedding anniversary, simply being together is enough; no fancy dates, no getaways, no luxurious gifts,” she said.

She then expressed her gratitude to her husband for “being patient” as she continuous to figure out how to be “a better wife.”

“I may not be the ideal housewife you were hoping for, [but] you can be sure that I will make every effort to be the best Mrs. Choi for you,” she addressed him. “Kalma lang, dadating tayo dyan.” (Just keep calm, we will get there.) JB


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