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OCTOBER 27, 2022

DJ Chacha: Image from Instagram / _djchacha
DJ Chacha: Image from Instagram / _djchacha
DJ Chacha / Image from Instagram / _djchacha
DJ Chacha and family. Image from Instagram / _djchacha


DJ Chacha is no stranger to belt-tightening measures even when she was already a household name in the radio industry. And looks like her patience paid off when she and her family moved in to their own house after several years of putting it off.

“’WAG NA MUNA, HINDI PA KAYA, SAKA NA.’ Mga katagang madalas ko marinig sa asawa ko noong nagpipilit akong bumili na kami ng bahay,” she said in her Instagram post last Oct 14. (“Don’t push it, we can’t do it yet, next time”. Those were the words that I used to always hear from my husband when I was pushing to buy a house.)

“Still can’t believe that now we have our own home.” Chacha gushed.



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It wasn’t easy, what with all the hardships and sacrifices but it was all “worth it,” she said.

She further said that the fruits of one’s labors are sweeter, especially if these came from one’s hard work and sense of fairness, without having to step on somebody to get ahead, or do anything illegal.

“Mabuti talaga si Lord sa mga taong masipag at patas gumalaw sa mundong ito. PATAS. Walang aapakang tao, walang lolokohin, walang iisahan, walang papasuking ilegal. WAG SA EASY MONEY. Totoo yon, lahat ng mabilis makuha, mabilis rin mawawala. Lahat ng papasuking hindi maganda para lang magka-pera ay may karma,” she said.

Chacha advised her followers not to engage in activities that may bring easy money, no matter how tempting it may be.

“Wag kang magmadali, lahat ng bagay may tamang oras at panahon,” she advised. (Don’t rush, all things will come at their proper pace.)

She recalled that before they had their own house, they used to live with her parents, where they did not have to prepare their own meals or pay house bills.

Then there was that bare studio-type apartment that they lived in that boasted of a bed without a frame, one table, and two plastic chairs. They lived there until they mustered enough guts to buy a condominium unit which will be fully-paid in February next year.


DJ Chacha's dream house. Image from Instagram / _djchacha
DJ Chacha’s dream house. Image from Instagram / _djchacha

Before deciding to build their own house, Chacha said that she and her husband looked at various house and lot units, and town houses, but her husband always ruled against it, even though both of them were earning well enough.

She felt that her husband doesn’t want them to have a house, that he was happy in their condo unit.

Good thing, Chacha said, was that she listened to her husband not to rush things or be envious of other people’s houses. So, while waiting for God’s perfect timing, all she did was save money and pray.

“Dahil natuto kaming maghintay sa timing ni Lord, may sarili na kaming bahay ng wala kaming kailangang isiping utang sa kahit kanino. Kaya trust the Lord’s timing. Lahat ng bagay may tamang oras at panahon. Kung hindi pa kaya sa ngayon, wag pilitin. Always live within your means, work hard, be kind and fair to everyone, keep your faith and you’ll never go wrong,” she claimed. EDV


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