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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The very first health and wellness centre in the Philippines to introduce the latest scientific innovations in alternative medicinal practices and therapeutic remedies, Fixilab is an institution that prides itself as the laboratory of the future.

Guaranteeing a provision of the best possible care that takes the different aspects of human physiology into consideration, they generously welcomed the LIFESTYLE.INQ team into their clinic the other week to try out some of their most notable and coveted treatments.

With its clinic located right in the heart of Makati City where highrises and busy offices dominate the sky, one would think that it would feel overwhelming. However, right as you walk through the doors of Fixilab, it feels the exact opposite. It’s easy to feel separated from the cluttered and congested metro in a space where you can properly rest and heal away from your worries. There’s a spaceship-like feel to the place, which is very much aligned with the theme of being futuristic. Each of their treatment rooms housed the different machines they had available, instantly transporting you to your own little pod of peace and quiet.



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Taking a much-needed break, our team had the privilege to try out some of their advanced wellness treatments. Burdened by the accumulated aches and pains from the long days of work, we hoped to address our crackling backs, tight muscles, and other issues both physical and mental. Here are our notes and some thoughts on the selection we were invited to sample. 

Fixilab’s cryotherapy chamber


What it is: Cryotherapy utilizes cryo-chambers containing liquid nitrogen brought to extremely low temperatures. Users of the machine are placed inside for around 3 minutes to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue and release endorphins that help soften skin, relax the muscles, reduce cellulite, aid recovery, and strengthen whole-body function.

Who it’s for: Cryotherapy can be used by anyone looking to improve skin health, relieve joint pain & arthritis, support muscle recovery, revitalize brain health & cognitive function, address recurring body fatigue, boost skin healing, revamp the immune system, and fix sleeping patterns.

“I’ve always been curious about cryo-chambers and this was actually my first time to try one out. Entering the room feels a little daunting given the loudness of the machinery and the intimidating presence of the device as a whole. It felt a little bit like I was going to get a lab test in a hospital, and the attendant briefed me on all the reminders I needed to keep in mind before the session could take place. Prior to starting out, you are asked to undress into a robe but are given leather gloves and winter boots to keep your extremities warm. Once you’re ready, Fixilab’s machine requires its users to stand in extreme cold for 3 full minutes and then you finish off the treatment with a quick session on an exercise bike to bring the heat back to your body. Although it got a bit uncomfortable towards the last thirty seconds, the session itself was not as hard as I imagined it would be—I was expecting it to be excruciating given that the temperature was apparently colder than in Antarctica. In terms of its effects on my body, I felt that during my “defrosting” period afterward, my body was a little more relaxed than before I came in as if the process was also melting away all the stored pain and tension that I had been holding onto for so long.”

– Angela Go @iamangelago, Managing Editor

Air Pressure Lymphatic Treatment

What it is: The Air Pressure Lymphatic Treatment uses pressure massage pants to relieve  and ease tension. It is greatly beneficial for slimming, recovery, and detoxifying the body, and is perfect for efficient workout recovery. 

Who it’s for: The treatment is just the thing for those seeking to reduce free radicals, address lymphatic drainage, detoxify and remove toxins in their body, improve lymph and blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and swelling, increase their metabolism, boost collagen production, and reduce cellulite. 

“I’ve always done my best to maintain an active lifestyle. Althoughout High School, I did Muay Thai, in college, I played Flag Football, and until now, I do my best to practice strength training at least twice a week. 

Recovery has always been one of my favourite parts of working out, and the Air Pressure Lymphatic treatment felt like the post-workout treatment I had been looking for my whole life. Other than it being excellent for reducing muscle pain and swelling, the treatment also helps address cellulite! It was incredibly relaxing and I actually fell asleep in the middle of it. I’m looking forward to going back and giving the treatment another go especially after a hard workout.” 

– Sophia Concordia @sophia.concordia, Associate Editor

Our Staff Writer, Martin Agustin, testing out the EspineBOT treatment.


What it is: The EspineBOT utilizes 6 technology functions and dynamic stimulation to restore body alignment. Essentially an automated therapy bed of the future, the EspineBOT works to relax the muscles, maintain muscle tonicity, strengthen overall bone quality, and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Who it’s for: While free to use by anyone, the EspineBOT is best for those looking to relieve neck, shoulder, waist, and leg pain, improve lymph and blood circulation, reduce weight, alleviate muscle pains and swelling, fix sleeping patterns, strengthen bone quality with people experiencing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and soothe functional disorders of limbs caused by cerebral apoplexy.

“As someone who is frequently stuck sitting behind the desk, the long hours in this undesirable and unnatural position have led to the development of different aches and pains all over my body. The perfect remedy to my situation, the EspineBOT really just invites you to lie down and let the machine do its work. Pretty much an automated bed, there were no specific instructions or scary containers and machinery to worry about, with the only requirement being to remove footwear, accessories, and gadgets. As I lay down, the EspineBOT began to vibrate and squeeze in repetition on various points across my body such as my feet, ankles, back, and neck. Supplementing the overall process was the dim lighting and the soothing audio that created a nourishing ambiance in the room that invited me to close my eyes and rest. Personally, no amount of back cracks and massages can compare to what it could do in a short amount of time.”

– Martin Agustin @marts.agustin, Staff Writer

Fixilab’s Infrared Sauna Room

Infrared Sauna

What it is: The Infrared Sauna uses the combined power of heat and light to rejuvenate your body through increasing blood circulation with the formulation of new capillaries – speeding up the healing process of the skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body.

Who it’s for: Sharing and improving upon the benefits of a regular sauna, the Infrared Sauna is an applicable treatment for those seeking to relieve chronic pain, nourish skin health, supplement weight loss, improve blood pressure, alleviate chronic health problems (congestive heart failure, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, and rheumatoid arthritis), enhance muscle recovery, boost brain health & cognitive function, and fix sleeping patterns.

“As someone who loves a good ol’ sauna, the one at the clinic definitely got me excited. The infrared sauna offers the same benefits as the traditional one, made even better and without extreme heat (and extreme sweating!). An added bonus is not feeling too stuffy when inside the box. The heat from the red light claims to penetrate deeper into your skin and increase blood circulation to speed up the process of healing for the skin, muscles, and other parts of the body. With the high temperatures, I was told not to take my phone inside so being in the sauna was a welcomed distraction and a way to get some me-time even just for 20 minutes. I suggest you bring a book.”

– Colleen Cosme @colleen.cosme, Editorial Assistant 

Oxygen Chamber

What it is: The Oxygen Chamber therapy uses a Hyperbaric Chamber which is filled with 100% concentrated oxygen. Users are circulated with blood that carries this extra element throughout their body that helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing and fight infection. While sustained exposure to higher concentrations of oxygen can be detrimental to one’s health, the chamber does not go to such lengths.

Who it’s for: This therapy procedure is best for those looking to reduce constant irritation and stress in the throat and on the lungs, relieve recurring body fatigue, detoxify skin, lessen the probability of brain fog and mental confusion, recover from sports injuries, and improve sleeping patterns. It is also beneficial for those recovering from covid and those with ADHD.

“My experience entering the oxygen chamber was very interesting. Once you enter the pod they start it off with slowly upping the air pressure until it reaches a certain point of some kind of relaxing pressure. The first 10 – 12 minutes may be kind of an uncomfortable feeling, to be specific what you feel is the air pressure coming in like taking off or landing from a flight. After that process tho you feel very relaxed and can easily end up falling asleep.”

– JT Fernandez @skyline.jt, Staff Photographer

The Verdict: Fixilab is definitely the kind of place that you would have to go back to multiple times to get the best results. This would mean having to be committed to regular visits and being willing to invest in the treatments. But all in all, their selection and location make it a convenient choice for people who really want to focus on their physical rehabilitation and get the best technology to help them heal. The sessions per machine are also quite quick, mostly lasting only about 20 minutes or less, so to make your visit worthwhile it would be ideal to combine two or more treatments for a whole afternoon of rehabilitation.

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