KFC dares you to capture the 'Headless Colonel' | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

KFC Headless Colonel

Three KFC locations in Metro Manila have reported witnessing a terrifying headless figure lurking around. No one has yet confirmed its existence but numerous witnesses have started to come forward, and their stories are bloody terrifying.


If you want to take your thrill-seeking to new heights, KFC has given the classic Filipino ghost story of the “pugot-ulo” their own spin. The Headless Colonel has been previously seen in KFC C5 Bridgetowne, KFC Dona Soledad and KFC Montalban Town Center.

Headless Colonel

And if you thought the atmosphere couldn’t be any creepier, think again. Enjoy a bucket of Original Recipe chicken paired with KFC Bloody Gravy. It’s KFC’s signature gravy in a bloody red costume.


When you survive this daunting task, treat yourself with the KFC Kreepy Krumble – a chilling dessert made with swirls of French vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, crushed brownies, and candy sprinkles! Visit the nearest KFC store or order for delivery via www.kfc.com.ph or KFC mobile app on Google Play or App Store.

KFC Headless Colonel

Do you have the guts to see the ghost of the Headless Colonel?

Put your bravery to the test and visit a ‘haunted’ KFC store on October 29-31.