'#AngSarapNga' Tiktok challenge gets people curious with creations made with Nestle Carnation Evap

‘#AngSarapNga’ Tiktok challenge gets people curious with creations made with Nestle Carnation Evap

A recent trend on Tiktok had people posting their milkiest dish made possible with Nestle Carnation Evap. It can transform any ordinary dish into shume-chef sa sarap creations. People were thrilled to join the #AngSarapNga Tiktok Challenge and demonstrated how they cook their best dish which can easily be made even within the comfort of one’s home.

This ongoing TikTok craze was started by home-chef Ang Sarap Grabe who inspired other cooking enthusiasts when she shared her Milky Chicken Pastel recipe to see if talagang shume-chef at angat sa milky namnam ang kahit anong lutuin, basta may Nestlé Carnation Evap.

Not long after, the blogger’s recipe video intrigued many TikTok food and lifestyle content creators who also tested how Nestlé Carnation Evap can take their dishes to a whole new level of milky-namnam and showcased their creations to their followers. This started a TikTok trend where people experimented how they can incorporate Nestlé Carnation Evap to their recipes to achieve shume-chef sa sarap levels.

Of course content creators like Nana Silayro, Drei Gaspar and Charuth also joined the #AngSaraNga Tiktok Challenge and showcased their milky-namnam creations with Nestle Carnation Evap. 

@nanasilayro Gumawa lang ng Leche Flan, nag family reunion na kaagad?! #Fyp #FamilyBonding #AngSarapNga ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

@charlizeruth #AngSarapNga ♬ original sound – charuth

@dreigaspar Tiramisu Latte?? Ibang iba talaga pag may Nestle Carnation Evap! #AngSarapNga #ad ♬ original sound – Drei Gaspar

Even local businesses like Battercaf, The Sugar Bakers, Black Apron Coffee, The Flour Girl and Euphoria Coffee created their milky-namnam dishes and joined the Tiktok Challenge. If you’re someone who is fond of eating sweets and wants to feed your sweet tooth, head on to their Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook pages to order and try their best seller desserts, pastries and beverages. 

Made with more milk than ever (versus previous formulation), Nestlé Carnation Evap does wonders to your cooking and lets you bring out that milky-namnam taste in every bite. From the simplest everyday ulam to the most elaborate handa, Nestlé Carnation Evap adds that milky-namnam goodness that takes your cooking from ordinary to unforgettable. Packed in an easy open, resealable packaging for ease of use, Nestlé Carnation Evap lets you easily whip up those milky-creamy creations that will get you exclaiming #AngSarapNga!

Some of the Tiktok Challenge joiners were bustling with creativity and took their entries to the next level, surprisingly making “weird but good” food combinations. There were recipes like Pandesal made from scratch, Milky Dinuguan and Milky Garlic Pork Tapa

Check out #AngSarapNga on Tiktok at https://www.tiktok.com/tag/AngSarapNga! Join the Tiktok Challenge to get a chance to win P20,000 cash and a gift pack from Ang Sarap Grabe! Share your recipes in Tiktok using the #AngSarapNga! If you are interested in participating, just click this link to learn how. 

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