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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We put pressed flowers and rice on our foreheads and made wishes in the air. Bali is really magical, so I know my wishes will come true.

Nature is in. The latest directions from the gods of fashion are to return to a simple, au naturel lifestyle, emphasizing healthy living and enhancing our God-given qualities.

Women today lead complex lives with multifaceted responsibilities. With so little time and limited energy, we get constantly caught up in stress. We struggle to juggle.

Thank God there are occasional trips to de-stress and enjoy some “ME” time. Thank God that Pond’s brought selected women from print media on an exotic beauty and wellness trip to Bali, all to experience their latest product, White Beauty Naturals.

Two of the world’s most powerful beauty forces—the world’s premiere skincare research network, Pond’s Institute, and Mother Nature herself—came together to deliver the ultimate naturals solution for beautiful fair skin: Pond’s White Beauty Naturals with Camellia leaf extract.

And what better place to discover all this than Bali? Upon our arrival at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa, we were welcomed with a traditional Legong Dance and “Shake off the City” detox fruit shake.

Our first day was so relaxing, with a traditional Balinese massage in the hotel spa, set around a lush garden. On the way to my treatment, I could not help but do a shopping detour in the hotel shops, noting some all-natural, python-skin bags.

The welcome dinner started with a Balinese blessing ceremony at Bale Garden Temple. We put pressed flowers and rice on our foreheads and made wishes in the air. Bali is really magical so I know my wishes will come true.

After a delicious barbecue buffet at Nusa Dua Beach Sand, a couple of girls joined the local folk singer for some Bruno Mars tunes. My flowing outfit by Cebu designer Oj Hofer was perfect on that moonlit evening.

The next day, we all met Pond’s global and Philippine teams after breakfast at the terrace of Raja’s Balinese Restaurant. Global Pond’s PR manager Apples Aberin introduced the newest Pond’s that is a product of the marriage of nature and science.

Pond’s super ingredient

After years of research around the world, the Pond’s Institute uncovered a super ingredient from nature for proven fair skin: the camellia leaf. Known to grow at the foothills of the Himalayas, camellia leaf has skin-lightening powers. When combined with the superior skin-lightening technology found in Pond’s White Beauty, a product is created that is the only truly superior and natural way to lighten skin. And thus, we have White Beauty Naturals.

There’s nothing like a presentation from the Pond’s group to make one feel au courant or abreast of the latest in beauty technology. Who knew that the simple camellia leaf would have antioxidant properties similar to Vitamin E? And what marvelous tech to mix it all into the White Beauty formula and thus protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Pond’s endorser Riza Mananquil joined Apples in helping the group sample the latest line. The Pond’s White Beauty Naturals range includes facial foam and moisturizer.

The Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam deeply cleanses skin to wash away dirt, oil and impurities, and gently exfoliates skin to reveal pinkish-white skin. On the other hand, the ultra-light Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Moisturizer hydrates the skin. This weightless and nongreasy moisturizer is formulated to reduce dark spots, and reveal clear, pinkish-white skin.

Pond’s is clearly the leader in skin-lightening. The Pond’s team members who joined us included Rajev Shukla, global VP, and managers Elizabeth Kim and Jacqe Yuengtian.

Rajev noted: “Natural beauty is the ideal no matter what country or culture you come from. We know from years of research that a clear, pinkish-white complexion derived from this kind of product is a beauty dream shared by many women across the globe. Pond’s is committed to seeing this skin dream realized.”

Personally, I love Pond’s because it smells wonderful and has great hydration benefits. And if you think it’s expensive, au contraire, it’s priced all so reasonably. And because it’s so affordable, I can put on as much cream and lotion as I please!

It’s a wonderful moisturizing base under makeup. With the camellia leaf, vitamin B and E, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals prevents melanin migration, thus reducing dark spots. Keeping the skin supple should be started as early as possible. Pond’s recommends that girls in their 20s already start some kind of beauty regime.

After that wonderful Balinese sojourn, arranged by the Visions PR group headed by the energetic Ginggay Joven de la Merced, we were all reunited a few weeks later at the local product launch at Sunset Pavillion of Hotel Sofitel. The delicious Sofitel dinner was served in an indoor garden setup, where Pond’s newest image endorser was revealed.

Beautiful Angelica Panganiban is the new face of Pond’s, with her milky white skin soon to bedazzle us from billboards to print ads. I’m also hoping that she makes a brief appearance at Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite Live 2011” world tour on July 5, as Pond’s is a sponsor. That’s a concert that’s not to be missed!

Pond’s is also big on supporting charity. They are a key sponsor of the upcoming Red Cross Ball this October, which Kaye Tinga and I are co-chairing. So there are so many more wonderful things to watch out for from the Pond’s team. Au revoir!

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