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Another legislator’s marriage is on the rocks

MANILA, Philippines—What is it with legislative work that makes marriages break?

One is tempted to ask this, as the buzz gets louder that another legislator’s marriage is on the rocks—or is it over? The wife has reportedly left the legislator—for another lawmaker.

Since that happened, it’s become fodder for the rumor mill.

Whether they like it or not, private lives of elected and government officials are never really private. To prevail in politics, politicians use show-biz tactics. So not surprisingly, they get treated like show-biz folk—they’re stuck in the fishbowl, where their every flip and turn is recorded.

Some time ago, Sen. “Chiz” Escudero had the candor to admit in public that his marriage had broken. That put an end to speculation.

Will the legislator who’s the subject of the latest buzz go public about his marriage?