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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you’re anything like me, getting a manicure is a form of self-care. There’s just something cathartic about sitting in a nail spa, soaking my feet, and having my nails painted that I find incredibly relaxing. Not to mention, the confidence a fresh manicure can give. I also love the idea of being able to play around with different styles and designs, without the long-term commitment, unlike getting a major haircut. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love my classic colors. You really can never go wrong with the perfect nude or my go-to deep red, but some days I’m just looking to try something a little more out there. So while I was looking for my next nail inspiration, I noticed a couple of nail trends going around.

Here are 6 nail trends to inspire your next manicure:

Aura Nails


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This new nail trend resembles the photography style called aura photos where the colors on the image reflect an individual’s own “aura” creating a gradient design. And just like in the photos, the manicure is customized to the wearer. While some clients curate their palettes based on purely aesthetics, other individuals go as far as to study their own auras and moods to reflect their nail designs.

Metallic Nails

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve heard of (or even tried for yourself) the Glazed Donut manicure thanks to Hailey Bieber making headlines. However, people are now taking it to the next level and going full-on chrome with different metallic colors. We’ve seen different takes on this trend, from solid-chrome nail polish to chrome tips. This nail design will surely make it look like you have molten metal on your fingertips. 

Colored Tips


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Speaking of chrome tips, another trend we’ve been seeing is a different iteration of the classic French manicure. This time, instead of the traditional white tips, we’ve been seeing a lot more out-of-the-box designs. French manicures are now worn in an array of colors; dark hues, color-blocking designs, and even alternating colors. The options are endless, especially with the versatility of this trend.

Jelly Nails

This design trend is yet another ode to the 90s, think jelly sandals and transparent bags. This semi-transparent nail color is created through a sheer wash of color which makes a glass-like finish. This is incredibly easy to achieve at home with the use of a transparent top coat mixed with a teensy bit of nail polish in the color of your choice.

Cat Eye Nails

No, this is not winged liner for the nails but rather, a marbling effect on metallic nails that resembles the eyes of our feline friends. If you’re against wearing glitter on your nails because of the struggle of taking it off, this is another way to add shimmer to your nails. This technique is achieved with the use of a special polish with iron fragments and a magnet to manipulate the color into creating the effect. 

Droplet Nails

Admittedly this nail trend is one of the most intimidating for me, although celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lil Nas seem to love this 3-D nail art. This design quite literally makes it look like your nails are dripping wet. This illusion is made from hardened gel or globs of clear nail polish to create the texture of water droplets