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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Up and coming k-pop sensation NewJeans just released their new cinematic music video for ‘OMG’ from their latest album single titled of the same name. Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein return, this time from the psych ward to deliver us a whimsical performance that accompanies the fresh and playful sound that they’re known for. Cheerful, wholesome, and a flat-out vibe, NewJeans does not disappoint in this latest comeback, remaining the breath of fresh air that they are, all while making us wonder how a group this young has been so good thus far.

Still taken from ‘OMG’ music video

The music video. Taking cues from a distant relative within the k-pop industry and almost reminiscent of some of BTS’ older projects, NewJeans is not afraid of inserting narratives within their music videos and creating their own kind of cinematic universe that you would expect from the big screen. 

With a run time of more than six minutes, the ‘OMG’ music video starts with a doctor in a psych ward asking his patients (the members of the group) to share their stories with him. However, soon enough Hanni’s character would share that she felt like she was an iPhone, excuse me, I mean Siri. Shown next was this visualization of her running in between an iPhone’s icons, and personifying the actions made by a phone as if they were done by her. Want to send a text message? Hanni will tie a letter to a bird and send it flying—whack I know right, but so interesting and unexpected at the same time. 

Still taken from ‘OMG’ music video

This would set the tone for the whole music video, throwing realism out the window and delving into the mind and the imagination of those who are arguably not in the best state of mind. In true k-pop fashion, alternating between narrative and dance performances, the video would show glimpses of the stories of the other members, showing why they were in the psych ward. One of them thought that she was a princess living in her own Disney fantasy, while another, thought she was a cat. 

What’s driving fans crazy however is how various shots shown in the video tease a connection between this, and their previous music video for ‘Ditto’, a track also included in their latest release—talk about the start of a NewJeans cinematic universe.

Watch the music video for ‘OMG’ here!

The song. As seen in every track NewJeans has released thus far, they are unapologetically youthful. This is especially true since one of their members, Hyein, is literally 14 years old—they’re not acting young, they just are. Adorable as they may be, their music is nothing like the cutesy concept that powerhouse group ‘Twice’ has popularized or the badass girl-crush songs we’ve come to associate with the likes of ‘BLACKPINK’. On an entirely different plain, their music may be perceived as cute, but it is not for cuteness’ sake. It’s honest, warm, and vibrant, perhaps akin to a child’s sincerity.

Starting from their hit debut songs ‘Attention’, and ‘Hype Boy’, they’ve established their own unique sound which they have further developed into this latest release. ‘OMG’ is laidback and stripped down, yet as energetic as they come. Minimal instrumentalization is used for the song, simple and straightforward. Light, muted, and punchy synths supplement the powerful drums playing throughout the track. Furthermore, they frequently play off silence, using it as another instrument, which aids in its heavy emphasis on rhythm. If I were to compare it with one of their older releases, ‘Cookie’ would have the closest resemblance to it.

As for its lyrics, ‘OMG’ talks about having a massive crush on someone, to the point of sweet madness—see, wholesome, youthful, and so high-school.

Wherever, whenever

There ain’t nothing else that I would hold on to

I hear his voice through all the noise

Don’t let go of my hand for one second no, no

Got no worries ’cause I got someone

It’s okay to be alone ’cause I love someone

– NewJeans ‘OMG’

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