Your Astrological Guide Through The Week Of Love | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

With the whole week dedicated to love, now is the best time to realign, and focus on how you feel and express your desires. There’s never a bad time to let love in and bask in its beautiful energy!

This week on Tarot Tellings, we are all about taking a leap of faith, so, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You never know what could happen until you give things a shot! Below, find your predictions to guide you through the week ahead according to your star sign. 

Aries: Three of Wands Reversed

It’s time to take a risk and stop playing it safe, Aries. Why hold yourself back and stay small when you can reach for the stars? If there’s something you really want, then go for it, even if it means pushing through some temporary discomfort and stepping out of your comfort zone. Trust me, the growing pains will be worth it, and you’ll be rewarded with something truly magical.

Taurus: Knight of Swords

It’s time to take charge! Don’t let obstacles hold you back from making your dreams a reality. No more waiting for things to happen – go out and make it happen! This week, it’s time to make a bold move towards what you want.

Gemini: The Magician Reversed

It’s time to step up your game, Gemini. This week you’re feeling the urge for more inspiration, opportunities, and challenges. Don’t limit yourself to your usual contacts, go out there and explore new opportunities. Just remember to go easy on yourself and give it your best shot.

Cancer: Queen of Wands

Know your worth, Cancer. This week, you have a new opportunity coming your way, but to make the most of it, you need to recognize your incredible talents and worth. Don’t be shy to ask for a little extra than what’s on the table. Be self-assured and remember that you deserve it.

Leo: Death

Time to shake things up, Leo. You’re feeling like something’s not right and a change is needed, and it’s gotta happen soon. Don’t be scared of the unknown, sometimes you gotta take the leap for the better. Even though it might seem a little intimidating, what’s waiting for you could be even better than what you’ve imagined before.

Virgo: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Virgo, teamwork makes the dream work! You’re used to doing everything on your own since you have high standards and a tendency towards perfectionism. But this week, it’s a good reminder that it’s okay to ask for help from others. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, even if it feels that way sometimes.

Libra: Page of Wands Reversed

Libra, don’t quit just yet! Just because your first attempts didn’t work out doesn’t mean you should call it quits altogether. Get creative and look at the situation from a different angle. This is your chance to try something new and who knows, it might turn out even better than your original plan.

Scorpio: Three of Cups

Make time for your friends, Scorpio! When was the last time you had a good hang with your closest buds? Whether it’s planning a get-together or having a virtual catch-up with a long-distance friend, make sure you prioritize your friendships this week. You could definitely use some fun and laughs right about now.

Sagittarius: Ace of Wands

It’s time to chase your dreams, Sagittarius. If you’ve been feeling restless and craving something fresh, like exploring new places or learning a new skill, then this is your chance to go for it! Book that trip, enroll in that class, make those plans, and follow your heart toward your next big adventure!

Capricorn: Ace of Swords

Capricorn, it’s time to speak up! You’ve been keeping quiet for too long, and it’s time to clear the air and resolve past misunderstandings. Once you address the issue, everyone will be able to move forward with a better understanding. Let’s not procrastinate on this any longer.

Aquarius: Justice Reversed

Aquarius, be kind to yourself! It’s great to have high standards, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try not to get overly meticulous, especially when it comes to your work. Remember, there’s no such thing as perfect, so cut yourself some slack!

Pisces: Seven of Wands

Pisces, stay true to your values. If you’re faced with a situation where you’re tempted to compromise your beliefs or bend the rules, the answer is simple: don’t do it! Even if it seems like an easy way to make some quick cash, it’s not worth the hassle. Hold out for a better opportunity that aligns with your values and provides what you really need.