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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dr. Anthony “Tony” Leachon shares 7 lifestyle strategies to prevent heart diseases
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Dr. Anthony “Tony” Leachon shares 7 lifestyle strategies to prevent heart diseases
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MANILA, Philippines — The foundation of good health is a healthy heart, and to lessen the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and stroke, an expert shared tips to avoid heart conditions.

According to health reform advocate Dr. Anthony “Tony” Leachon, ischaemic heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, and neoplasms were among the country’s leading causes of death.

To combat this, Leachon recently shared a video on his official YouTube page featuring “healthy strategies to prevent heart diseases” as the end of the Philippine Heart Month approaches.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

“Ang unang-una ay ‘wag manigarilyo at iinom ng alak. Ang sigarilyo ang number one na risk factor kasi ‘yung content niyan, ‘yung nicotine, ‘yan ang nagpapakipot ng ating ugat sa puso – ‘di lang pati sa puso pati sa brain,” said Leachon on the fourth episode of his “Puso Series.”

(Do not smoke or drink alcohol. The cigarette is the number one risk factor because its content, nicotine, it narrows the vessels in our hearts – not only in the heart but also in the brain.)

He also said that smoking and drinking trigger other cardiovascular diseases besides heart attack, stroke, chronic obstructive lung disease, pulmonary diseases, and cancer.

Be physically active, observe a heart-healthy diet, and maintain a healthy weight

Regular physical activity, observing a heart-healthy diet, and maintaining the ideal weight were Leachon’s second, third, and fourth tips.

He recommended Filipinos to at least do any physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week, adding that this will also improve their mental health.

Leachon also said a healthy diet consists of vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein.

He advised viewers to follow the ideal food plate: 1/2 of vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 starch or complex carbohydrates. This portioning, he noted, lessen the salt and sugar intake of a person.

Leachon likewise said that following this process would regulate bowel movement, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and minimize cancer risk.

In the case of maintaining the ideal weight, his advise was to keep less than 25 body mass or kg/m².

Get good quality sleep

According to Leachon, good quality sleep lasts for seven to eight hours.

“’Pag maiksi ang tulog natin ang tendency natin kumain, to drink ‘yung matatamis na inumin. So kapag kumain tayo it increases your calories,” he said.

(If we only have a few hours of sleep, we tend to eat or drink sweet beverages, which increases our calorie intake.)

He revealed that people who sleep late have a 30 percent more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Manage stress

For his sixth tip, he advised viewers to avoid activities that trigger stress hormones.

He advised Filipinos to maintain a positive mental attitude, avoid reading negative content, and set a time limit when using their social media accounts.

“How do you extricate yourself from the stresses of the world? Unang-una bawasan ang (First of all, lessen use of) social media,” said Leachon.

Get regular checkups

Lastly, the doctor said a regular checkup should accompany the other tips he gave to ensure a healthy heart and body.

Leachon said regularly seeing a doctor for check up would help in the early detection of abnormalities or illnesses.


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