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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Maxene Magalona. Image from Instagram / @maxenemagalona
Maxene Magalona. Image from Instagram / @maxenemagalona
Maxene Magalona. Image from Instagram / @maxenemagalona
Maxene Magalona. Image from Instagram / @maxenemagalona

In any relationship, there’s one rule that Maxene Magalona adheres to: Don’t force it.

The actress-vlogger recently said on Instagram that in either romantic relationship or friendship, forced communication should not be the norm, citing a quote from Rob Hill Sr., a Navy veteran and author more popularly known as “Heart Healer,” saying: “I don’t force friendships or communication. If it’s not mutual, I’ll let it go. It’s that simple for me.””

Magalona believes that in one’s healing journey, one is bound to “lose friends and relationships along the way—even if they are your family.”

“It’s painful and confusing to say the least but as the golden rule of surrender says, ‘It is what it is,’” she said.

“To heal means to unlearn and remove all the layers of past conditioning, limiting beliefs and toxic behaviors that are no longer serving you. Everything that you learned and experienced as a child, especially the traumas and old beliefs that were unconsciously passed on to you, you will have to let all of that go as you evolve and mature. As you continue to do the inner work everyday to process your pain, heal your wounds and transform yourself, you will inevitably change your energy,” she added.


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But while this may be very good and healthy for someone, it may not be a “favorable outcome” for some people, “especially those who prefer the old version of you.”

“If the souls around you are not doing the work to heal and grow, their energy will no longer be a vibrational match to yours. When this happens, it’s up to you to decide whether you will lower your own vibration to meet theirs or stay in your frequency and choose to vibe with the people there,” Magalona said.

This is why, she explained, people can be friends with someone for so long, but feel a deeper connection with someone whom we’ve only met.

“Remember — time is an illusion. The number of years that you’ve known someone can never compare to the depth and strength of the connection that you share,” she said.

For Magalona, taking a break from family and keeping a healthy distance is pretty “normal” especially when the relationships have become “toxic and unhealthy.”

“During this time apart, it’s important to do the necessary work to heal so that when God reconnects you, you will hopefully be more in harmony with each other,” she said.

“Please don’t ever force a connection or stay in a toxic relationship just ‘to keep the peace.’ Develop a strong relationship with yourself and God and eventually, the Universe will bring your soul family to you,” she added. EDV


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