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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The cold, dark night in Hong Kong was eerily quiet, save for the distant sound of sirens in the distance. The news of 28-year-old socialite Abby Choi’s disappearance had spread like wildfire, sending chills down the spines of the locals who knew her as a beloved fashion icon and socialite. Two days later, her lifeless body was discovered in a state of gruesome disarray. The details of her murder were too horrific to recount – a nightmare that Stephen King himself would shy away from. But the suspect list was not empty, as her ex-husband, Alex Kwong, and his family members were all brought in for questioning. The city was in a frenzy, as the once-glamorous fashion world was now shrouded in darkness and fear. No one knew who to trust, and every shadow seemed to hide a potential killer. In this twisted game of cat and mouse, justice seemed like a distant dream, and the people of Hong Kong could only hope for a glimmer of light in the endless darkness.

Here are things to know about Abby Choi:

1. A New It-Girl

Abby Choi was a creature of fashion, a master of style who walked among us like a queen among her subjects. Her wardrobe was a kingdom of its own, filled with treasures from the most prestigious fashion houses in the world – Dior, Chanel, and more. She was a fashionista extraordinaire, strutting her stuff at the hottest events across the globe. She was a regular attendee of Paris Fashion Week, where she rubbed elbows with the crème de la crème of the industry, and even shared a glimpse of her latest escapades at Dior’s presentation. Her social media following of over 100K fans from around the world was proof that her unique style and impeccable taste had captured the hearts of fashion lovers far and wide.


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2. Cover Woman

Abby’s influence in the fashion world had reached new heights, with appearances in top international publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. But her recent digital cover feature on L’Officiel Monaco’s February issue was the cherry on top of her already impressive resume. The magazine hailed her as “one of the most sought-after influencers in the industry,” cementing her status as a true fashion icon. It was clear that Abby’s star was on the rise, and her untimely death had left a void in the industry that would not be easily filled.


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3. Heir

She was the oldest of three daughters and had grown up with all the trappings of wealth and privilege, with her family’s prominent construction business spanning across China. According to reports, her personal net worth was over HK$100 million, or roughly ₱700 million.


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4. A Loving Mother

Abby Choi tied the knot at the young age of 18 with Alex Kwong Kong Chi, with whom she had two children, a son and a daughter, who are now aged 10 and 8. However, their marriage ended in divorce after three years. Later, in December 2016, she had a matrimonial ceremony with her current partner, Tam Chuk Kwan. Despite having a ceremony, they never legally registered their marriage. Together they had two children. Mr. Tam’s father is the founder of TamJai Yunnan Mixian, a well-known rice noodle restaurant chain in Hong Kong that has expanded its operations to mainland China. The restaurant was acquired by Japan’s Toridoll Holdings Corporation in 2017. Speaking through a family friend to the Hong Kong media on Sunday, Mr. Tam remembered Abby as a loving and kind-hearted person. He also promised to take care of the four children that she left behind. He spoke highly of Abby, saying, “She supported me and loved me very much. She also brought up four cute and obedient kids. I feel anyone who could be her family and friends are blessed.” It was clear that despite the challenges of their unconventional relationship, Abby and Tam had a deep connection that went beyond societal norms.


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5. A Supportive Wife

Abby Choi’s generosity knew no bounds, even to her ex-husband and his family whom she continued to support despite their divorce. The Hong Kong native provided them with a luxurious apartment to live in and even assisted her ex-brother-in-law, Anthony Kwong, in purchasing his own home. Abby and Anthony were extremely close, and he was more than just her personal chauffeur – he was her business partner and confidant. The two were so close that Anthony referred to Abby as his “sis” and would often post pictures of them on social media with the hashtag #family. However, sources now speculate that their tight bond may have been a cover for a much darker truth. It is believed that Anthony may have played a part in luring Abby to her death at the rented apartment where she was murdered. According to reports, the murder was the result of a heated financial dispute involving vast sums of money between Abby’s ex-husband and his family.


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The recent news about Hong Kong socialite and influencer Abby Choi has left us all in shock. From being featured in international publications like Vogue and Elle to being dubbed as “one of the most sought-after influencers in the industry,” to now being a victim of a brutal murder. It’s hard to imagine how someone with such a seemingly glamorous life could fall victim to such a gruesome end. 

But what’s even more heart-wrenching is the alleged involvement of her own ex-husband and former in-laws in her murder. Sources say that financial disputes involving property and huge sums may have been the motive behind the crime. It’s a reminder that sometimes, even those closest to us can betray us in the most unimaginable ways.

Details have now emerged about the shocking crime, with police revealing that Abby’s remains were found in a fridge in a house in Lung Mei village, far from where she was last seen. Even more disturbing,  human remains were found in one of two pots containing soup. Police are currently looking for the rest of her remains. It’s hard to fathom how anyone could do such a thing to another human being, let alone someone as beloved and admired as Choi herself.

The four individuals involved in the murder of Abby Choi appeared in court on a dreary Monday morning, their faces sullen and their eyes averted. The air was thick with tension as the accused were charged with the heinous crime. The charges were heavy, the weight of murder pressing down upon them like an unrelenting force. Alex Kwong, the ex-husband, and his older brother Anthony, along with their father Kwong Kau, who is well past his prime, all stood in the dock, their fates now resting in the hands of the court. Meanwhile, the younger men’s mother, Jenny Li, was accused of obstructing justice and appeared equally somber as she stood alongside them. There was no mercy to be found in this courtroom, as the four suspects were all denied bail and forced to await their fates. The hearing was adjourned until May 8, leaving the accused and their loved ones to grapple with the overwhelming burden of uncertainty and despair. Another individual has been arrested and brought into the fray; This time it’s a woman who is believed to have had a romantic relationship with Kwong Kau. The 47-year-old woman has been accused of aiding and abetting Kwong Kau in his attempts to evade the police. Specifically, she is alleged to have assisted in the rental of a flat in Tai Po, which Kwong Kau reportedly used as a hideout. However, it remains unclear whether she was aware of the murder that had taken place. The woman worked as a masseuse and had been involved with Kwong Kau for about six months before her arrest. Her role in this sordid affair is yet to be fully uncovered, but the investigation is ongoing.

The brutal murder of Abby Choi, a rising influencer and fashion icon, has left many devastated by the senseless loss of a young life with so much potential. At just 28 years old, Choi’s journey had only just begun, and her future seemed bright with endless possibilities. Instead, her life was brutally cut short by the very people she once loved and trusted. Her four children, husband, family, and friends are left to mourn her tragic and untimely demise. It is a reminder that evil and darkness can lurk in even the brightest of places and that even the most promising futures can be cut short by senseless acts of violence. As we mourn the loss of Choi and reflect on the fragility of life, we are reminded that we never know what someone else may be going through behind closed doors. It’s a reminder to be kind, to love fiercely, and to never take a single moment for granted.


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