Breaking barriers: Celebrating Women's Month with Globe's trailblazing female leaders

OCTOBER 27, 2022

This Women’s Month, the Globe Group’s powerhouse female leaders share their insights on workplace representation and unique leadership styles, shattering stereotypes and championing change in the corporate world.

In the male-dominated telco industry, Globe Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira is a force to be reckoned with. She passionately brings heart and purpose to her work. Her dynamic leadership perfectly blends empowerment and pace-setting, ensuring that her team feels both supported and driven to succeed.

“There is a very high representation of women in the senior leadership team of Globe. And this I’d like to think is what has made Globe very differentiated over the years and will actually drive our differentiation for many years to come as we focus on Filipinos’ lives and not just on bringing the best technology to them,” she said.

Diversity also has a fierce advocate in Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash. Sazon firmly believes that having more women in an organization leads to better results, as it fosters creativity and innovation. She cited how women’s presence in the workplace creates a visual cue for future generations, which in turn empowers young girls to envision themselves in similar roles as they grow up.

It’s important to have women in the workplace because diversity leads to better results. And we’ve seen it here in GCash. That way we get to benefit from female creativity, innovation, not to mention the fact that females are natural problem solvers. And most importantly, we need more women in the workplace for future generations also. Normalize having more women in the workplace. So kids when they see women there, they know that they can also be like that when they grow up. This helps girls dream better,” said Sazon, who leads a company where 46% are women. 

Globe Women's Month 1
From L-R Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Martha Sazon, Minette Navarrete

Another woman who understands the significance of representation for the leaders of tomorrow is Minette Navarrete, Co-founder and President of Kickstart Ventures.

“It’s important to see somebody who reminds you of yourself in a leadership role.  It’s also important to share many different kinds of female leadership and to leave space open for people to be authentic, to be real, and to be effective in the way they best know how,” she shared.  Navarrete employs a blend of meritocracy, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to company values as she leads her team.

Fearless leader Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, underscored the significance of disruption. She thrives on challenging the status quo and inspiring transformation in others.

“I like to create things with people, get ideas from each other and learn from each other. Also, I am one to disrupt. So I question the status quo and also transform other people,” said Crisanto, adding that the process of creation towards helping other people is her source of motivation. 

Mharicar “Cai” Castillo-Reyes, President and CEO of Asticom Group of Companies, meanwhile, cited the importance of creating a workplace environment that’s conducive for employees to thrive and grow. 

“As leaders, it is our job to inspire, motivate, develop, and empower people and cultivate an environment that allows them to innovate and solve problems aligned with their personal values and purpose,” said Reyes, who has been steering Asticom to growth from a company of five people to its current strength of 5,000 employees. 

Globe Women's Month
From L-R Yoly Crisanto, Mharicar “Cai” Castillo-Reyes, Marisalve Ciocson-Co

Also a staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion is Marisalve Ciocson-Co, Globe Chief Compliance Officer, SVP – Law and Compliance, and Assistant Corporate Secretary, who leads with her heart, prioritizing compassion, authenticity, and sincerity.

“History tells us of women who won battles, brought progress, and broke barriers. It’s a must that women are well represented in an organization. And I believe Globe has been able to do that,” she said. 

Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe’s pace-setting and transformational CFO, said female representation in the workplace will benefit both business and society.  

“I believe that gender equality will mean a better world for everybody. It means equal opportunities for both men and women who contribute their individuality or individual skills for many people,” she said. She cited the need for men to make changes so that “their daughters, their wives or their sisters will have the opportunity to compete, to contribute and actually make a presence in the workplace.”

From L-R Rizza Maniego-Eala, Rebecca Eclipse

Globe Chief Customer Experience and Transformation Officer Rebecca Eclipse, has celebrated Globe’s gender-neutral approach throughout her 28 years with the company. 

“Globe has never distinguished gender – it never mattered in conversations about assignments and promotions from the beginning. It’s not about male or female, but each person caring enough to engage in productive conversations and to advocate for the customer,” said Eclipse, whose leadership style is rooted in value, co-accountability, and teamwork.

Globe’s dedication to gender equality and women empowerment shines through its employee composition, with women making up 52% of its executives. These awe-inspiring women leaders are not only leaving an indelible mark but also encouraging future generations to break down barriers and strive for a more inclusive world.

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