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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Anne Barretto/ARMIN P. ADINA
Anne Barretto/ARMIN P. ADINA
Models with different body types present Pink ‘N Classy’s first collection./ARMIN P. ADINA

MANILA, Philippines — The global fashion scene has been making huge strides in promoting inclusivity, ending decades of propagating unrealistic body standards by releasing pieces available in larger sizes, and even hiring “real-figured” models for their clothes.

A new apparel line in the Philippines appeared to have taken its cue from the international brands, and released a collection that corresponds to all women. Its launching fashion show even showcased models with different body types, and with a wide range of heights. Gone are the days when all people see are svelte, statuesque human mannequins.

A petite model opened the show at the launch of the Pink ‘N Classy clothing line’s first collection held at the Cloud Studios events hall in Quezon City on March 19, a huge departure from the towering glamazons that frequent fashion runways.

The clothes, all 15 pieces in the initial collection, may adhere to a certain vibe, with streamlined silhouettes adorned with just a sparring addition of bows, pearls, or ostrich feathers, while some have a slightly edgier aesthetic. But they are in no way targeting just one type of woman.

Spectators were treated to a parade of real women, models who do not come from a homogenous mold, garbed in silhouettes and cuts that fashion houses of yesteryears would not dare let them wear. The daring move is the brainchild of CEO Anne Barretto, who has grown her Hey Pretty brand where Pink ‘N Classy also falls under.

Models with different body types present Pink ‘N Classy’s first collection./ARMIN P. ADINA

Models with different body types present Pink ‘N Classy’s first collection./ARMIN P. ADINA

A certified “kikay,” Barretto saw her entry in apparel as a natural progression. “I’m a beauty afficionado and I love fashion. I have an in-house designer, and I notice that people admire my clothes. So I thought of turning it into a business, too. Everything that could earn, I take advantage of it,” she shared.

Anne Barretto/ARMIN P. ADINA
Anne Barretto / ARMIN P. ADINA

The lady CEO also took the runway, and greeted the audience in a black mini dress that hugged her curvy figure in all the right places, with a huge champagne-hued bow that extended around her shoulders all the way to the back.

The Inquirer also asked Barretto about the emergence of female CEOs in the country at an exponential rate. “Especially online, they see that they are all women, mothers who are engaging in business. Perhaps they are inspired by experiences like my own, they were inspired to see me make it coming from having nothing,” she said.

“CEOs like me inspire others by showing that starting from nothing is possible, you can still be successful. Perhaps that is one thing that has helped my fellow women who have nothing, that they were inspired by a CEO,” Barretto continued. EDV


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