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OCTOBER 27, 2022

grentperez - When We Were Younger

Filipino-Australian artist grentperez just released his latest single ‘When the Day Is Done’ ahead of his upcoming EP ‘When We Were Younger’.

He describes the new single as “a timeless classic that the whole family can listen to. Or as my dad would say ‘The song I can dance to’”. A singer known for his slower and vintage-inspired tracks such as ‘Cherry Wine’ and ‘Absence of You’, the brand-new song provides his fans with a different look at their favorite rising star. A little happier and a bit more laid back, but make no mistake, the lyricism is still there.

Lyrically. grentperez reminisces about a simpler time, looking back and seeking a return to those happier moments. More often than not, when we are children, we wish to grow old faster, to gain the freedom we so desperately desire, and claim a life similar to the adults we idolize and are envious of. But as it usually goes, we’re usually left with disappointment, and maybe even debt when we reach that point. He fondly looks back at those fleeting moments, thinking to himself that maybe what he had been looking for was there all along.

Sitting round the table reminiscing

About the same old stories that we have (all the time)

Used to cry until my momma

Had no choice

Man, I used to be so good at that (so good, so good)

Yeah, it took a while for me to see

What I had in front of me was love

And I’m living in it

It’s a cliche but it’s true. A family will always have your back and they will always be there no matter what. It’s a brutal world and perhaps all we need is a place at the end of the day where we can lower our guards and be our true selves. grentperez seems to find the courage to continue venturing forward knowing that after it all, he has something to go home to.

I know that you got me

No matter wherever I go

So when the day is done

I’m coming home to you

When the day is done

I’m coming home to you

grentperez. Photo by Theo Batterham.
grentperez. Photo by Theo Batterham.

Musically. ‘When the Day Is Done’ is another case of a song being emotionally confusing and I’m here for it. The funk-inspired track is laden with a syncopated rhythm played by a familiar-sounding guitar that you would hear on virtually every funk song. There isn’t much to discuss musically, it’s a relatively straightforward production; it just invites you to dance and groove along. It’s a comforting and easy listen that I can imagine making an appearance in an indie film. And let me get back to the lyrics. Sure the instrumental will get you moving and the subject matter is relatively wholesome, but depending on where you are in your life currently, those lyrics might end up making you shed a tear or two.

The upcoming EP is a seven-track project centered around the concept of nostalgia – motivated by the desire to stave off cynicism and embrace the carefree creativity of childhood. “We would have these super wholesome outdoor writing sessions as we were putting the project together,” he shares. “Connecting with what I remember as a really lovely childhood grounds me in the real world and keeps me thinking of the important friends and family in my life. It keeps me from getting ahead of myself.”

‘When We Were Younger’ is set to be released on June 2nd.

In the event that you had been living under a rock for the past two years, grentperez gained a massive following after the release of his debut single ‘Cherry Wine’ in September 2021. Soon after and in such a short period of time, he has seen over 200 million streams and 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify to date.

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