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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Nuvali Fountain of Lights

The Most Magical Show on Earth has seemingly found its way to our shores, transformed into a localized version that pays homage to the Philippines’ rich heritage. This season’s edition of the Nuvali Fountain of Lights, prepared by acclaimed projection designer GA Fallarme, takes us to a summer well spent on our lands. 

Displayed on the specialized fountain canvas are images of the country’s beautiful landscapes, as well as symbols and illustrations serving as callbacks to the various activities that have no doubt been embedded into our DNA. These make the sight not only recognizable and relatable but incredibly nostalgic as well.

Nuvali Fountain of Lights bears a striking resemblance with Disneyland’s Momentous, albeit without the iconic Castle of Magical Dreams, the elaborate pyrotechnics, and the ever-familiar sights and sounds from our favorite Disney films. But a water show with striking visuals and music taking the stage will entrance and draw you in as you cool down to end the hot summer day on a wonderful note.

The light show presents three chapters and themes: Fiesta Filipinas, Beach Life, and Larong Pinoy – showcasing the various festivals celebrated all over the country, the nation’s rich island life and the numerous activities one can enjoy along the shore, and the reliving of the various street games Filipinos play during their childhood.

Fiesta Filipinas

Beach Life

Larong Pinoy

GA Fallarme
GA Fallarme on the set of the Eraserheads’ Huling El Bimbo Reunion Concert

Behind the scenes of the impressive spectacle is GA Fallarme, a tried and tested projection designer known for his involvement in a number of projects including the Eraserheads’ Huling El Bimbo Reunion Concert and the New Year Countdown Concert.

“I usually make designs for theater and I’ve been working with projections for almost 5 years now. I did a masterclass for theater projection design in New York back in 2016. I was actually just thrown into it, when I started I was doing poster designs but I really studied computer engineering. So it’s more technical plus the creative skills,” shares Fallarme as he discusses his journey to today.


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Briefly referring to the creative process behind his latest effort, he describes it as a continuous dance of back and forth and trial and error. “You consider everything and then you cut it down to what works and what’s visually appealing, and what can be executed in a way that works with the fountain.”

One such example of this process in practice is the inclusion of Larong Pinoy in the show. He explains, “The concept for Laro came around just last week because we initially had a different idea and it wasn’t working very well so we had to pivot. Luckily there were installations, statues of children playing so it links to the children’s games we have. It’s also a look back to Filipino culture with the numerous fiestas being celebrated from north to south.”

Statues of children located just beside the fountain serving to inspire Fallarme
Statues of children located just beside the fountain served to inspire Fallarme.

Fallarme is a testament to Filipino ingenuity and local talent on full display. In an entertainment landscape where our capabilities are constantly doubted; with every project he undertakes, he stands proudly, walking the talk, showing that we can stand alongside world-class talents.

Nuvali Fountain of Lights will run from April 28 to June 25, 2023, Fridays to Sundays, from 6 PM to 9 PM. 

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