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OCTOBER 27, 2022

While we appreciate the unique role of moms in raising a healthy family throughout the year, Mother’s Day is that one special reminder of just how grateful we all should be. From bargaining with their kids to eat right to help them be consistent with a healthy routine, moms around the world have been hard at work to find the best way to teach their kids to live a full life through a strong and healthy body.

“The gut, in particular, can affect so much of a child’s body since 70% of the body’s immunity comes from it,” said J Ann Mirasol from the makers of Erceflora Kiddie. “It can influence their mood, reasoning, behavior, and of course their overall health. Erceflora Kiddie can help keep their gut strong allowing it to absorb nutrients, resist harmful microbes, and prevent upset stomachs.”

Adding Erceflora Kiddie to any kid’s routine is easy because it is tasteless and odorless, and it comes in a mini bottle. This makes it so kids won’t make a fuss over adding it to their daily habits. For more healthy ideas to include in their routine, these modern-day moms shared their methods for getting their kids to embrace healthy habits:

Erceflora Kiddie moms mother's day

  • Cai Cortez 

Cai might be busy shooting her part in the upcoming drama The Missing Husband but pursuing her acting career is second to her kids, Hbib and Carmen. 

According to Cai, “Everything revolves around my children’s well-being. Sila ang number one always. Kaya lahat ng decisions ko in life, I always have them in mind.”

There are several ways Cai promotes a healthy lifestyle to her kids to make it easier for them to follow. 

“Make healthy habits fun by incorporating games or challenges like seeing who can eat the most colorful fruits and vegetables in a week,” she explains.

While Cai turns habits into fun games, she also makes sure both her and her kids’ health are fully covered by taking Erceflora Kiddie. 

Ang press release ko sa mga bata about Erceflora Kiddie, is that it is called ‘magic water.’ Erceflora Kiddie has thousands of invisible little helpers that make our tummies clean and prevent us from having tummy issues,” shares Cai. 

As a reminder to all parents, Cai says, “Be patient. Changing habits takes time.”

Erceflora Kiddie moms mother's day

  • Kris Lumagui 

As a full-time mom and content creator, Kris juggles between creating memories with her son, Liam, and sharing her tips and experiences with her followers. 

Kris says, “The most fun part of being a parent is spending time with Liam and seeing Liam learn and grow.” 

Her time with Liam isn’t just about going on trips to remember but also showing him the kind of lifestyle she wants him to have.

According to Kris, “I usually try to involve Liam in my decisions. If I want Liam to eat more vegetables, I will let him choose which vegetables he would like to try. I also try to make healthy habits fun! For example, I let Liam join me in the kitchen when I am cooking delicious food.”

Kris says that by seeing her and her husband eat healthily, Liam will see how they value health and begin valuing it himself more.

While Kris loves making healthy meals with Liam, she also incorporates Erceflora Kiddie into what he eats in ways to make it easier for him to take. 

“I try to mix it with Liam’s favorite drink or food to make it more appealing and easier to consume,” Kris explains. By doing this, she makes sure that Liam’s gut gets the support that it needs and in a way that he won’t mind taking daily.

Erceflora Kiddie moms mother's day

  • Isha Borromeo 

Isha makes time to be the best parent for her kids while she manages growing her small business, Shaluk Specials, and her social media following. When it comes to parenting her kids, Sky and Sun, she likes to keep them involved saying, “I give them choices so they will not feel that they are being controlled. For example, instead of letting them choose and eat junk food, I’ll tell them that they can choose what fruit they want to eat. It is all about making negotiation fun.”

Isha has also set up a reward system for her kids. 

“If my eldest wants to play outside, I will tell him that he needs to finish his food and there will be a bonus if he adds more vegetables. In this way the kids will be motivated,” she says.

While some choices involve rewards to get her kids to agree, when it comes to them taking Erceflora Kiddie, Isha doesn’t have a hard time getting them to drink it. 

“It is not hard because my kids have an initiative when it comes to taking Erceflora Kiddie daily. It became routine already that is why it is natural for them to have it,” Isha explained.

  • Ginger Arboleda

Being the Chief Operating Officer of Taxumo, the #1 end-to-end online tax assistance platform for Filipinos, may take up a lot of Ginger’s time but that doesn’t keep from spending quality time with her two daughters. 

“My husband and I try to practice what we preach and show our kids that we value a healthy lifestyle. We make sure to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and take care of our mental health,” says Ginger.

Ginger makes sure to get her kids used to a set routine and seeing healthy habits early on. For her youngest daughter she says, “We make sure to involve her in our healthy habits, like having her watch us exercise or let her try healthy snacks during mealtime. By creating a routine and involving our baby in healthy habits, we hope to establish a foundation of healthy living of her as she grows up.”

One part of their routine that Ginger’s kids love is getting to drink Erceflora Kiddie. 

According to Ginger, “They are the ones who remind me to give it to them every day. I’m glad that they enjoy taking it. Erceflora Kiddie is recommended by their pediatrician to help restore the balance of good bacteria in their digestive system after taking antibiotics.”

  • Kaycee Enerva

While she’s covering the latest news from big brands on Inside Retail Asia and advocating for both mental and physical health, Kaycee makes sure her son, Geof, can see her as a good role model. 

“Kids see us as role models whether we like it or not, so if they see us taking care of our health, they’d be encouraged to do it too,” says Kaycee.

Talking about how her lifestyle affects the decisions she makes for Geof she said, “As a mom, I always think of setting a good example whether in manners, responsibilities, or lifestyle choices. I make sure Geof sees me as a good role model. So, I don’t have any vices, I try to eat healthy, and workout regularly.”

In line with Kaycee’s view on the importance of physical health, Erceflora Kiddie has become a staple of her home to help keep Geof strong. 

“Ever since Geof got a tummy problem when he was a baby and his pediatrician prescribed Erceflora Kiddie, we are never without it. He takes one every day, straight from the tube. It’s tasteless, odorless so it’s like water to him,” she says.

For moms who are only starting to build healthy habits with their kids, an easy way to start is incorporating Erceflora Kiddie in their meals. Erceflora Kiddie is a probiotic that helps balance the gut by allowing it to better absorb nutrients while resisting harmful bacteria which helps prevent kids from getting an upset stomach. Since Erceflora Kiddie is tasteless and odorless, it’s easy for kids to take it on its own or mix it with sweetened milk, tea, or orange juice without much fuss.

This season, parents can also help more families and more children live a healthier life. When you buy Erceflora Kiddie, a portion of the sale will support Batang Matatag—a movement initiated by Save the Children Philippines and Erceflora Kiddie to help improve the overall health and nutrition of children in school.  

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