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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Aqueduct of Segovia
Aqueduct of Segovia

Insight Vacations by The Travel Corporation made my latest trip to Spain one to remember



As WHO announces the end of the pandemic and the world gradually recovers from the global crisis that put traveling to a standstill, our wanderlust is awakened. The unexpected pause emphasized the importance of travel and its impact on our lives, making us eager to rediscover the joy of exploration and reconnecting with the world. And as the desire to travel grows stronger, the experiences people look for go beyond just relaxation. People yearn for meaningful experiences to enrich their lives with cultural immersion during their travels.

And if it is the pursuit of meaningful travel that you are after, Insight Vacations by The Travel Corporation offers a unique blend of luxurious, knowledgeable, and unforgettable journeys to diverse destinations with different tour styles to fit each traveler. Their carefully curated and meticulously planned tours go beyond traditional tourism—they craft immersive itineraries, allowing travelers to delve deep into the heart and soul of each destination. From its guided tours to the accommodations and even the dining experiences, each aspect is carefully selected to provide a holistic journey. 

Las Arenas de Barcelona
Las Arenas de Barcelona

This was the unique travel experience I encountered when I joined the Easy Pace Guided tour through Spain. It was a 10-day guided tour that starts in beautiful Barcelona, then travels down to the seaside resort town of San Sebastián and ends in the lively city of Madrid. Having the experience of being on a tour group as compared to creating your own itinerary has taken away the tedious part of going on vacation– the planning. The guided tour brings a level of convenience that is hard to match. It eliminates the stress and time-consuming tasks of planning and organizing, just to make sure we visit iconic landmarks and discover hidden gems we wouldn’t otherwise have known. 

Traveling with Insight Vacations was truly a seamless blend of luxury and comfort. From checking into the handpicked accommodations in iconic locations where stores and restaurants are easily accessible, to the highly spacious and luxurious coach (something we truly appreciated with the hours we spend traveling city-to-city), and the stress-free journey where every travel need is attended to like tickets, reservations, and dining experiences, it’s hard to see traveling any other way.

Dominic Nemer
Dominic Nemer from Insight Vacations

I was lucky enough to have one of the nicest, most accommodating, and most knowledgeable tour directors and people, Dominic Nemer. Truly one of the things that made my travel experience the utmost enjoyable and memorable was his bright and accommodating personality that never seemed to waver. His love and passion for his job shined through every single day with his deep understanding of the destinations, coupled with his ability to share captivating stories, insights, and even his daily jokes that admittedly were cheesy. Still, they were definitely something the group looked forward to hearing every single morning. Dom together with his team of highly knowledgeable tour guides who we’re local experts specific to each city, elevated the travel experience to new heights

Joining this tour has made me feel like I was able to see and immerse myself in the authentic essence of each destination with the experiences that we’re included in the tour, which I wouldn’t otherwise have tried if I had planned my own itinerary. Whether it was exploring a local market, watching a flamenco show, or eating at a local farm-to-table restaurant, I felt more of a genuine connection to the culture and people because of these activities. 

Restaurant La Pau in Barcelona
Restaurant La Pau in Barcelona | via Instagram

One of the places I’m incredibly thankful to have been brought to was this local restaurant called ‘La Pau’ in Barcelona which is situated in Passatge de La Pau. Apart from their beautiful interiors and addictive Patatas Bravas, this is more than your average restaurant. The restaurant La Pau is a social initiative that helps and supports young people to transition to their adult life and integration into society and the workplace so those working there are those finishing their schooling in catering from the restaurant school, ‘El Repartidor’. This is all part of “El Llindar”, a dynamic center created in 2004 to assist over 450 adolescents who have been excluded from the educational and social system every year. Visiting establishments such as La Pau is part of Insight Vacation’s group-wide MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience where they include places in their itinerary that give back to the community. And while the food was amazing, it was nice to be part of this little initiative and be able to contribute to giving back as I travel.

Easy Pace Guided tour through Spain
Easy Pace Guided Tour through Spain

And of course, my tour group was probably one of the highlights of my experience. Significantly a smaller group of about 30 people, it was definitely an intimate experience. And while I did not expect to forge meaningful connections with my fellow travelers, it became one of the favorite parts of my vacation. I met some of the most amazing people with the most interesting stories who I looked forward to seeing every day. The people in my tour group made my trip unforgettable, from the glasses of wine shared over dinner to the conversations exchanged while we walked through the cobblestone streets, marveling over the historical sites and beautiful views that truly left a lasting impression. 

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