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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Maxene Magalona
Image: Instagram/@maxenemagalona

Actress and yoga instructress Maxene Magalona rattled off at least eight things that one should let go of in order to gain a sound mental health and improve one’s being.

In an Instagram post, Magalona welcomed Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing some of the things you can let go of to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

One is letting go of one’s past mistakes.

Forgive yourself. What’s done is done. Move forward and keep going,” she said.

Second is “self-doubt” as “you need to believe in yourself EVERY DAY” and “believing in yourself is one of your hidden superpowers.”

Third is you have to let go of your “fears and worries as “they are an illusion” and “your anxiety is lying to you.”

Fourth is “negative self-talk.”

“Stop calling yourself names like ‘stupid’ and ‘fat.’ Your body hears and believes the words you use. Use them wisely,” she said.

Fifth is “anger and resentments.”

“Forgive yourself so you can forgive others. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance,” she explained.


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Sixth, you also have to let of your “insecurities and envy.”

“Stop comparing and competing. The minute you start comparing yourself to someone else, you are betraying yourself by believing that you are not good enough,” she said.

Seventh is “judgment.”

“Do not judge yourself,” she stressed.

“Ever. You are only human, you are allowed to fail. Stop judging yourself so you can finally stop judging others.”

And lastly, let go of “toxic relationships even if they are family.”

“It’s a sad reality but it is what it is. You cannot heal as long as you allow others to project their negative energy on to you,” she said.

“If no one is proud of you, be proud of yourself. Happy healing,” she added.  /ra


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