Solmux Advance Suspension: More Zinc, more potent vs cough

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The country’s leading and most-trusted pharmaceutical company Unilab Inc. has released Solmux Advance Suspension, which has been proven to be more potent against cough with phlegm due to its double Zinc formulation.  

Solmux Advance Suspension belongs to Unilab Consumer Health Group’s (ULCH) Solmux line of over-the-counter cough medicines that include the Carbocisteine Solmux and Carbocisteine + Zinc Solmux Advance Capsule. 


Solmux Advance Suspension has twice the amount of Zinc than its predecessor Solmux Advance Capsule as studies proved the importance of Zinc in boosting the efficacy of Carbocisteine in resolving cough.     

“Our studies showed that the combination of Carbocisteine and Zinc is very effective in treating cough with phlegm, which prompted us to offer to the public Solmux Advance, the first cough medicine in the country and probably the whole world to be fortified with Zinc,” Leevan Fong, Brand Manager of the Solmux line, shared.

Based on an observational study which was done by an independent investigator, the combination of 500 mg Carbocisteine and 5 mg Zinc present in Solmux Advance Capsule has been proven to have reduced the symptoms of cough in 3 days and resolution in just 5.52 days. 

Carbocisteine causes phlegm to be less thick and sticky and thus easier to cough up and expel, while Zinc has been found to play an important role in highly proliferating cells of the human body, like the immune system.  

The new variant, Solmux Advance Suspension, contains 27.44 mg of Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate for every 60-ml bottle. This means that every 10-ml  dose of Solmux Advance Suspension has a potent combination of about 500 mg of Carbocisteine and 10 mg of Zinc.  

“We have been receiving positive reviews of the product from our customers and trade partners. We are elated that the public quickly embraced Solmux Advance Suspension.  The soothing menthol effect made them instantly feel relief after taking the suspension,” Fong added.     

Dr. Jonas Policarpio, Medical Director of ULCH, said the release of Solmux Advance Suspension shows the commitment of Unilab to continuously develop innovative medicines, especially now that the world is still in the midst of the pandemic while experiencing abnormal weather patterns. Recent data from the Department of Health showed that the country has been recording about 1,000 new Covid cases daily over the past two weeks, with the positivity rate in Metro Manila reaching 25 percent.  

“With more people getting sick due to Covid and sudden changes in the weather, we need to have an advanced mindset and be on guard always when it comes to our health and safety and those of our loved ones,” Policarpio stressed.  


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