Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly: Your buddy in making your personal daily routine greener and more environment-friendly

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Over the past few years, more and more people have become further engaged in protecting the ones they love, their families and even the environment.  There is an intensified concern about plastic pollution (particularly in the ocean), biodiversity loss, and climate change.  This awareness prodded people to rethink their choices and start small positive changes in the way they live their daily lives, and one of these is their purchasing decisions.

Mindful choices 

Advocating for the environment does not necessarily mean literally marching off the streets as we could practice simple changes in our daily routines.  With just a few small lifestyle changes, you can protect the planet doing these simple things: 

Follow the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

 Masure to only buy what you need, especially food. Food production can use a lot of water and energy, and food wastage could contribute to man-made greenhouse gas.

 • For an eco-friendly household, you may purchase and shift to more energy-efficient appliances.  Otherwise, turning off your domestic devices off (including your gadgets) when not in use is also worth doing.

 • Ditch the use of plastic and decrease water usage.  Try to bike, walk, or carpool to minimize your carbon footprint.

 Plant trees in your backyard and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Volunteer and participate in local tree-planting projects.

 • Most importantly, opt for eco-friendly alternatives.  We can start by looking for a ‘buddy’, or products in our daily routine that are more environment-friendly, and which can jumpstart our journey towards a greener lifestyle. 

Babyflo, a trusted brand under Philusa Corporation, reinforces its commitment to giving the best care for our daily hygiene needs without compromising the environment with the recent launch of its new line of eco-friendly, biodegradable cotton swabs, the Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-friendly, our newest buddy for an eco-friendlier lifestyle. The first earth-minded cotton buds in the market, Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly is made of 100% pure cotton tips boasting with biodegradable packaging.  

Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly’s unbleached paper stems are sturdy and durable thus, making it ideal to use whether for personal hygiene or for a multitude of other tasks such as applying and removing makeup, applying medicines to wounds, sores, and bruises among others.  Its paper is culled from managed forests (which means that every tree used to make the product is replaced).  This guarantees that for every Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly purchased, we help save our forests and those who rely on them.  Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly will be your personal buddy as you continue caring for our loved ones while protecting the future of the planet. 

Saving the environment might seem like a tall order, but living an environmentally friendly life is actually quite easy, by choosing to purchase products that are sustainably produced. Take social media personality Janeena Chan, for example.  She pursues her passions and inspires people to be mindful of the products we purchase or consume.  

“It’s nice that we can be conscious of our environment through the little things we do,” Janeena shared. “The first step I took is just to be more mindful of my daily choices. For example, I would be intentional in bringing a tumbler or a reusable bag to lessen the use of single-use cups, as well as plastic bags.”

“I have also started to make sustainable choices when it comes to the products I use. I think it’s really admirable that brands are also caring for the environment in their own ways,” she added.

Janeena has just started using Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly in her make-up routine. This host, podcaster, and content creator proves that Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly is perfect for applying lip tint, blending her eyeliner and highlighter, and cleaning up for that perfect finishing touch. She even uses Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-friendly for her pet, Ribbon Darling. Whether she’s preparing for an event, a date, going shopping, or a night out with friends, Janeena trusts  Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly to elevate her daily make-up routine.

Your green buddy

Deciding to live a more sustainable lifestyle is a conscious commitment both for any company and the consumer.  It is worthy to note that Philusa has long been a key advocate for sustainability, with the primary vision of delivering greener alternatives for many of their iconic brands such as Babyflo and Cleene, where they have implemented biodegradable, recyclable, and other sustainable options for their products, as well as campaigns calling for effective actions for the environment.  

Marking its 65th year, Philusa recently partnered with Canada-based social enterprise Plastic Bank, an organization committed to getting rid of ocean plastic while helping improve the lives of plastic collectors.  The company released a two-part video series on social media, showcasing its collaborations with like-minded organizations that advocate for clean water access and the reduction of ocean-bound plastic waste. 

Having a buddy like Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly can help you make proactive choices—starting with these eco-friendly cotton swabs—so you can finally trailblaze your way to mindful living and bring green into your simple, daily routine.  

Packed in 200 tips and 400 tips, Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly is available at Mercury Drug Stores, Robinsons, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, and other retail stores nationwide and online.

Learn more about Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly and other Babyflo’s products, and start your budding green journey by visiting or Babyflo Gentle Buds Eco-Friendly – Philusa Corporation.  Follow @BabyfloPH on Facebook and Instagram. BrandRoom/JC

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